Tuesday, January 5, 2016


this is one of my teacher's at the CCM, Hermana Gonzalez

my new classroom for the last week at the CCM.

my zone! Or, at least two Districts in my zone

my AMAZING roommates! 

Me an' Hermana Funk

Me and Hermana Priebe and Elder Hingano

El Campo

¡Hola todas las personas que estaran leyendo este! I hope that you all are having the best weeks of your lives! Mine has been loco... in mostly good ways.
The last week at the CCM flew by. Man, it was so crazy and there was a lot of crying (from other people, not me. Obviously) because we all just hate goodbyes. There´s a Dieter F. Uchtdorf quote that says that it is not in our nature to say goodbyes, because we are Eternal Beings. The fact that goodbyes are so hard is just a testiment to the fact that we are meant to be with our loved ones for Eternity. 
I really felt that this week. Such wonderful people, of whom I am eternally grateful. I´m really gonna miss all of them. 
Monday was insane. I had to be at the meeting place for those who were leaving at 5:30 in the morning. I woke up at 2 to say goodbye to another sister in our room who had to leave at 2:30, and I just did not get very much sleep. So, I met with my group of missionaries who were also leaving for my mission--all of whom are Latinos. Pres. Hall (my mission president) picked us up, and took us to the mission home. It is really beautiful. There we had a wonderful breakfast that the Hermanas got to help Hermana Hall prepare, then I had an interview with the President (who is a wonderful person, by the way) then a few hours of orientation by the President in Spanish. They were so thoughtful, and had asked an Hermana in the mission who spoke fluent Spanish and English to translate the whole time for me. It was very sweet and I was so grateful to have her there. After, we had an AMAZING Méxican lunch then we had another meeting to find out who our trainers are. I have been paired with Hermana Del Rosario who is from the Dominican Republic. She has been teaching herself English since she was 11, which she did from tv shows and High School Musical CD´s that her mom had bought her. She graduated high school at 16 and did 2 years of college before coming out. Needless to say, she´s awesome. She speaks SUPER good English, she´s fluent. Which is a lot less confuzing and awesome that she´s Latina, so my Spanish can improve faster. 
Yesterday, after we found out who our companions were, we took a taxi to our casa. We are living with these sweet members who have an adorable little yellow bird. We live on the 3rd floor, in our our little apartment, just the two of us. It´s humble and really wonderful. There is a cockroach problem, but I have been told that it is only in the kitchen... so that´s what I keep telling myself when I´m going to sleep. ;)
Yesterday we taught two lessons and did some contacting. The first woman that we visited´s name is Faviola. She is so sweet and humble and has two adorable daughters. All of which are over the age of 8. =D So, that´s exciting. They are all really sweet and we taught them about Jesus Christ and repentance. One of her daughters was trying to do her homework while we were teaching, but it was really neat because a lot of times, she would pop her head up and ask us questions about the principles that we were teaching. For example, she asked me what sin is. This girl is 12, mind you. And she is interested in learning about the Gospel. She asked us about homosexual relations and we then got to talk about Eternal families. Their Mom is so sweet and was helping us to teach her children, based off of what we were saying. She seems really interested, and she felt the Spirit. We asked her to pray about our message and if it is for her. I love them so much, it was just wonderful. I can´t wait till I get to see them again. Also, Faviola gave the closing prayer, and it was just really tender. 
We also are visiting a woman named Luz. She is in a wheel chair from a near-fatal accident and she and her family are all just the sweetest. Two of her nieces were recently baptised and you can tell she´s just so interested in our message. I love her!
Contacting was fun! We got three new investigators! I´m very excited to meet with them!
Today´s p-day this week (it´s normally on Mondays) so we went shopping and such. And today is the Independence Day for México, so we all need to be in our houses by 6 tonight.
Oh! I also got to watch the Temple Dedication and the Cultural Celebration this last week for the México City temple! It was really great and it kind of dawned on me during, that when Christ appeared to the Nephites, and during His ministery, He wasn´t speaking English. I feel like I knew that before, but it just kind of hit me this week. Which just kind of reaffirmed in me the importance of knowing different languages, because that´s what Christ did.
President Hall has a program to teach the Latinos in this mission English so they can get themselves out of poverty. So us Americans are appreciated by the Latinos because we can help test them and practice, so I´ve had a lot of people practicing their English with me, and me adn some of the other Americans get to teach and quiz them in our zone meeting every week. I got to do that today, and it was a really sweet experience. I just want to remind you all to be grateful for the fact that you already know English, and to try and recognise the opportunities that come with this language. These people are working SO hard to learn English because it means a better life for themselves and their family. Remember to be grateful. I sure love you all! Have a bomb-diggety week!
Hermana Shayna Lynn Larsen

First day after CCM  Pres. and Sis. Hall and Hermana Del Rosario 

Sister Shayna Lynn Larsen
Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission
Victor Rocha Cruz
Apartado Postal 118-184
07051 Gustavo A Madero, Distrito Federal 

CCM District 11C Despedida photo from Hermana Call

Elders and Hermanas,
It has been such a pleasure serving with you.  Thank you for your diligence and dedication to his most important work.  We send our love and prayers with and know you will receive incredible joy as you serve.  
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Call
Este semana

Hola framily! Sure love you all! And thank you for the prayers, I am feeling very blessed right now! 

Well! I'm at my last week here at the CCM. And I'm super lucky, because this week is the Mexico City temple dedication, so we get to watch it the day before we all leave! And we get to watch the cultural celebration too! #soexcited 

This week has been good. My District and I all got our travel plans yesterday. I found out that I'm leaving Monday at 6 a.m., so I have to meet at Reception at 5:30. Wahoo! But what's cool is that my mission is coming to pick me up, which is nice, because I was a little worried that they were just going to kick me out the back door. But I'm am so pumped. I'm the only American in my group of about 10 people, so I'd better get perfect at Spanish fast. haha ah well. pray for me.
 I'm having to get ready to say goodbye to everyone here, which will be hard. I love them all so much. 

Me and Hermana Mortenson got blessings of comfort this last week. She felt like she really needed one, and then after hers ended, I felt like I wanted one too, so I asked if one of the Elders could give me one and I'm so glad I did. One of the Elders could tell that I was hesitant, and he told me that God is always waiting to bless us. We just have to let him, and ask. So I shouldn't feel hesitant about letting my loving Heavenly Father bless me. The blessing was amazing. And Hermana Mortenson wrote down what was said, so I've been studying it and trying to figure out how to apply the advice and counsel into my life right now. It kept telling me to be diligent, and it told me a lot about being blessed for obedience, faith, and patience (so long as I actually have them) so I'm going to take Elder Bednar's challenge from his Character of Christ talk and read through a new Book of Mormon and mark with those four traits as my filter. I have a couple of those cheap soft-bound ones, and I'm so excited to start! I've been studying in Preach My Gospel before I start about the Christ-like attributes section. Read it. Really. I think it's chapter six. Every day I am becoming more and more of the belief that EVER member should be studying Preach My Gospel. Elder Christofferson (who helped write it) told us that it is straight from Christ. It is another form of scripture. Be studying it! I'm learning so much!!! 

I love you all dearly. Thank you again for the prayers. And I hope you have to best weeks of your life! 

--Hermana Larsen  


Hello everyone! Happy miercoles. (That's ''day'' in Spanish. ;) ) 
I hope y'all are doing well and are seeing so many blessings all around you (because I promise you, they are there). 

So, as explained in the Subject line of this particular message, it is somebody's birthday today. Which is a little bit of a lie because it's probably many people's birthdays today. BUT the one that matters a TON is mi MADRE!!!  (sorry anyone whose birthday it also is... and isn't my mom... in my life she kind of trumps... Always.). 

My wonderful mother is another year older today, (and wiser too) and she is just getting more and more beautiful every year (This is legit) and more and more AMAZING! if that's possible for her. 

And isn't it fitting that the wonderful lesson that I am sharing this week is about something that she's kind of been telling me for a while (because she's practically perfect). 

We had a live video broadcast with the Provo MTC where Dallin H. Oaks was speaking yesterday. He talked a lot about Preach My Gospel, and a lot about keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  We were talking as a District afterwards, about how Keeping the Sabbath Day holy is SOOO important and makes a huge difference. Elder Keele told us how recently (like, within the past year) the Quorum of the Seventy, the Quorum of the Twelve, and the First Presidency met together to try and figure out why so many members were falling away, and what they can do to help prevent this sad thing from happening. After meeting for hours and hours, they all came to the conclusion that the thing that members who fell away were starting to do first was not keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Elder Smith shared how, in his life, he's seen a marginal difference between his friends who did and his friends who didn't. At first, probably around the beginning of high school, there was not much of a difference between those who did and those who didn't. But with time, and by the time he left for his mission, the difference couldn't be bigger. Kind of like that math problem, where the airplane is off a slight degree, and you eventually have to tell how far off the plan is because of that slight miscalculation. Besides being frustrating, this story-problem rings truth. The path is straight and narrow and we cannot allow ourselves to listen to the natural man inside each of us, and choose to put our will before God's. Elder Oaks also talked about how part of keeping the Sabbath Day holy is preparing ourselves to receive the Sacrament. This is a week-long thing as much as it is a during-the-sacramental-hymn thing. If it wasn't important and if it didn't help us, God wouldn't ask us to do it. Moses 1:39. I know that this is a true concept, and that God is looking out for us SO much and wants to help us become the best people we can be. And that in order to do so, our names cannot be at the top of our priority list. Yo testifico que este es la verdad en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén. 

This week was pretty fun! I have a wonderful companion and a wonderful District and zone and great teachers. And the food is great, so really, it's kind of been an awesome week. 

On Sunday I was called to give my talk that I had prepared on the Fall. So... numero dos as far as talks go. Also, my companion and I were called to be the new Zone Sister Training leaders. Also, this week in all of our classes, we're playing a game where someone in the class is "the native" and they can NEVER speak English, and at the end of next week, our teachers are going to guess who it is. The catch is that then EVERYONE needs to be only speaking Spanish, so that there are more people who could possibly be el nativo. My companion was chosen by us to be the native and so far, after starting on Saturday, and having Sunday not be a day where we did it, or Tuesday night because we had a devotional, half of us are out. We are supposed to last till next week. haha so... wish us luck! 

Also, there was a bird outside me and Hermana Mortenson's casa who couldn't fly, tiny tiny bird, it probably had just fallen out of the nest that day, and it would stay under a bench near our house. One day it rained and it just sat there in the far corner, shaking because it was so cold. So during dinner that day, I got a piece of bread for it to eat. I broke off some pieces and tried to throw them near it... and I ended up hitting it with one of them and I still feel TERRIBLE about it, because it was already terrified that I was there in the first place! Anyway, I ended up placing the bread next to it under the bench, and the next time I saw it, some of the bread was gone. The time after that that I saw it, all of the bread AND the bird were gone! I looked around for it a could of times, and finally came to the conclusion that it had gotten the strength to leave and fly away. I felt pretty awesome, and happy for the sweet bird, and then lately this week I've noticed this bird, same type but just a little bigger (could still be the same bird that has just grown a little bigger), and... I have gotten fairly close to it... and it hasn't flown away. It just kind of runs a little bit away. I'm flattered that it's so comfortable to have me around, BUT I'm realizing that this might be that same little bird that I fed...(I've named him Buddy) who... because I fattened him up so much that day, cannot fly... so I feel a little bad about that, but it's pretty cute seeing him walkin' around the CCM. 

Also, last thing, me and Hermana Mortenson wanted to have Christmas with all of these wonderful people here, but it's August. So we made our own, and played Santa for a day and only sang Christmas Hymns and it was super fun. Christmas in August is almost as awesome as real Christmas. 

Have an incredible week! I love you all! 

--Hermana Larsen 

Hello. This week was, eh, you know,


I loved it more than life. It was the bomb. 
Last week, we were playing kickball as a zone, and as I ran onto home plate, I accidentally put all of my weight into my heel and did... something. Something bad. Not entirely sure what, though. I couldn't put weight on it for a couple of days, but I'm walking around normal now and all is well. So... no worries. =) 

I learned how to fold a fitted sheet! Now, I'm pro. 

We got these native Hermanas in our casa and we have family prayer every night and they are just the sweetest. Sure love them. And it's an AWESOME opportunity to practice mi español. 

So, we had the AMAZING opportunity these week to have Elder Christofferson come to the campus and give a devotional. Holy cow, was I excited. I wore my yellow shirt, I was so excited. I still am, and it's already happened! Me and Hermana Mortenson got to sing in the choir for him when he came (we only had 1 musical number at the beginning) so I got an AWESOME seat! Very middle, second row. We thought he had come into the building, so we all stood up in anticipation... and then he wasn't there for another five minutes, but none of us wanted to sit down, just in case. So we all just stood standing... and then he CAME!!! Oh my goodness, I could not help but weep. The spirit is so strong with him, and I could just feel his love for all of us, and God's love for us, and I just love him so much. And the musical number's at the beginning! So I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sing because I would just be up there sobbing because I was so happy to see him! But all was well, I was able to calm down enough to sing although I couldn't look at him or his wife for a bit. I almost tripped on my way up to sing, like, 12 feet away from him. So that was fun. 

Seriously, though. The joy I felt with him there in the room with me, (and not a very big room, mind you. It's the size of a high school auditorium. Like, Lehi's.) is indescribable. I wish all of you could have been there and have experienced that pure, unadulterated joy and peace that I felt. What an amazing man. 

The musical number went well, we had an area 70 whose wife spoke, then he spoke, then Sister Christofferson spoke, (sweet, sweet lady. She wanted to make sure we were taking care of ourselves and that we recognize what a privilege that it is to be serving) then Elder Christofferson spoke. I. Love. Him. He spoke about how Pres. Monson sends his love for us, and that the brethren, every week, pray for us missionaries. He told us how lucky we are to be able to act on our desire to better and help the world. He told us how he thinks it's amazing that God lets us touch anything, and here he gives us the fine China of the Kingdom, giving us the Gospel and the opportunity to share it. 

He turned it into a Q&A after a bit. One of the questions was, one Hermana has friends who are having a hard time and starting to fall away, and she asked what advice he'd give to those people. He told her, lovingly, that he was going to give her advice on what she can do instead, because those friends probably won't be able to hear him. He told us that some of us might have people back home who are struggling or falling away, and that we believe that being with them, even just for a couple of weeks would help them. That our personal presence will help them to come back to the fold. He told us that this is not true. The BEST way you can be helping your friends and your family back home is by being out here on a mission. That there are SO many blessings that head their way when we are serving. I thought that that was a really interesting and bold truth that I hadn't really realized before. 

One person asked him how he can better become humble (something I've never had a problem with) and Elder Christofferson, up there on the stand, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, one of the most trusted people by God on this earth, and one with so much more wisdom and authority that 99% of the world, turned around, looked at all of the other people on the stand with him, and asked Pres. Tonorio, the CCM President to come up and help him answer that question. Pres. Tonorio is a sweet and humble man, whose wife, a few years ago, after catching an armed burglar trying to break into their house, and were waiting out in the street with him and a bunch of neighbors for the police, shaking because she was still terrified, asked her husband to go inside and grab one of his shirts because this almost-burglar didn't have one and she thought that he might be embarrassed out there in the street without a shirt. These are some sweet people. And so Pres. Tonorio spoke for a minute about how amazing and humble Elder Christofferson is and then Elder Christofferson said a few words on humility. He said for us to be grateful. That sometimes we aren't progressing because we aren't being thankful for what we have. That God loves blessing those who are thankful. 

Towards the end, I raised my hand with a question and was blessed enough to be called on, by this amazing Apostle of the Lord. I had prepared the question and was holding a lot of books with notes and my scriptures, and then, as I stood up, they passed me a microphone. Haha I almost dropped my journals and my sweet companion helped out and held some for me. I told him that I have been studying about perfect faith lately, and that a scripture I had been studying about Christ's example of perfect faith was Matthew 27:46, where Christ is almost done with the Atonement, and He says "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I told Elder Christofferson that I now that Christ isn't complaining or whining, but that I'm having a hard time telling what He meant in that passage and with that phrase. He paused for a moment and said that he was going to try to get though answering this question because it's such a tender subject. He told us about how when Christ was in Gethsemane, that even He was worried that He couldn't finish this Atonement. That even He, the Son of God, hadn't been able to anticipate the kind of pain and anguish that the Atonement, for us, brought. He asked the Father if He would remove this cup from Him because He was worried that He wouldn't be able to finish this task. Elder Christofferson believes that He wouldn't have been able to if He hadn't devoted every minute of His life to obeying and glorifying the Father. As far as that phrase goes when He was on the cross, during Gethsemane, He had had angels with Him, comforting Him. And all the way till the end, He had at least had the Holy Ghost with Him. But right at the end, He had had to finish this totally and utterly alone. And He felt it when it happened. That phrase wasn't really a question, or complaining at all, but more a sign of the anguish that our Lord was experiencing for all of us, and the fact that He recognized once He was completely alone. 
And because Christ did that for us, we NEVER have to be alone, unless we chose to be. The Atonement is ALWAYS there for us, and Christ perfectly understands the pain we are going through, and is always perfectly sympathetic even though it is NOTHING compared to what He chose to go through for us. I love my Savior. He is real. He lives. I can feel His love for me and I know first-hand the comfort and the peace that the Atonement can bring. 

As Elder Christofferson left, I began to cry again. Me and my companion for a good time after, could not bring ourselves to dry our eyes, because we missed him and the love and the spirit that he brings with him. I'm so grateful for the opportunity. I love this Gospel. God loves you. Infinitely more than we could ever comprehend in this life, and unconditionally. He wants to bless you. Let Him. In the name of Christ, our Savior, Amen. 

I love you all. Have a great week. =) 

Hermana Larsen  
Pictures from Pres. Raines of the CCM.

The "B" on the mountain in Mexico City stands for "Benemerito." It is the name of the Church school that built the facility 50 years ago, which has recently been converted to the MTC!


Okay! So, last week was soooo long and I was having a hard time being positive on Saturday because I was inwardly focused and wanted to be perfect at Spanish already. So I was going about my day, eating food and going to classes (mornings can be reeeally long here. But they're getting shorter every day, so it's cool) and just a little discouraged. And while we're eating lunch in the Comedor, a butterfly comes in and gets trapped because it can't find the way out! Once I'd finished eating, I found it sitting on a fake plant, so I cupped it up, gently, in my hands, and brought it outside. I took my top hand off from on top of it, and then held it out on my finger for it to go fly off, and it DIDN'T! But I needed to go to class, so it was me, Hna. Mortenson and my new friend, walking off to our class. Along the way it flew away, and it was beautiful. But... as you can imagine, I was just crying and crying afterwards because I was SOOO happy! I've ALWAYS wanted to hold a butterfly! And it was everything I hoped for and more! I loved it! 

So, ever since then, I've been golden. God loves me. And he showed me that very clearly last Saturday, and it was wonderful. Life as a missionary is full of tender mercies. 

Yesterday was Tuesday, so it was Costco-pizza-and-a-devotional day. We watched an MTC devotional by David A. Bednar that I think was called 'The Character of Christ', it was life-changing. Really, it was the best talk I have ever heard. Ever. Please go look it up, you will be better because of it. 

Today is P-day and me and my zone got to go to the MEXICO CITY TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE!!! Oh my goodness, what a great week I've had. The temple was BEAUTIFUL!!! SOOOO gorgeous! The spirit was totally there and thriving and I couldn't be happier. I may have shed a few tears there too... but it was AWESOME!!! 

One of the older missionaries serving here at the CCM took us to the temple, and on our way back, he asked us if we noticed the chandelier in the Celestial Room (kind of hard to miss) and told us that it represents us. Not the light, because we don't produce the light in this world, Christ does. But we are the prisms that the chandeliers consist of. We accept the light and then reflect it on for others. I had never thought of it like that, and I loved it. 

I love y'all so much! Cool things coming up for me are the Temple Dedication (thank you for the white handkerchief, Mom!) and ELDER D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON IS COMING ON AUG. 26th!!!! HE'S COMING TO THE CCM AND I AM SO EXCITTTTTEEEEEEDDDD!!!! AAHHHHH!!! 
He's amazing. It's going to be the best. I love you all. Still. Have a great week! 

--Hermana Shayna Larsen
Inline image 2
Squad pic with MOST of our District. We're missing a companionship. Oh well.

8-19-15 cont.

Inline image 1

Inline image 1
This is all of my district. 11C. =) 

Inline image 2

Here are all the Hermanas in my zone and some. The two on the far left are Hermanas Funk and Priebie, 
our roommates. The next two are the Sisters...Leaders for our zone... 
I cannot for the life of me remember their official title. 

Me and my wonderful Companion, Hna. Mortenson
This is the Comedor where we eat
Inline image 1
My first investigator! This is Rosa. She is wonderful! And it turns out that she's a member.
And knows perfect English. That was a fun surprise. 

Inline image 2
Inline image 2

8-12-15 from Pres. Raines

Brother and Sister Larsen,

Look who I found in the Mexico MTC!!! I am in town for the Mexico City Temple open house and Elder Richards wanted to see the MTC. My chances of seeing here were slim, but we were blessed! I was so happy to see her! She is happy! She looks great and loves the MTC. She was sending you an email when I found her! She said to tell you she is happy and not crying!!! Her companion is from the North Stake. The picture of the house is similar to where she is staying. The Lord blessed us to see each other!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures!


Hma Larsen & Pres. Raines (Cedar Hollow Stake Pres.)

Pres. Raines, Hms Larsen & Mortenson

Pres. Raines found her emailing us.

Mexico City CCM (MTC)


First week!!!

Hola Familia y Amigos! Happy Wednesday! Mine's been awesome thus far. The first day, me and Hermana Scholes stuck together for most of the day and we made sooo many new missionary friends. There were about 45 missionaries going to the CCM (Mexico MTC) just on our flight! It was insane! Such a great energy, though. We were all just so excited! On the flight, I sat behind Hma. Scholes and across the aisle from some other missionaries, but I sat next to two non-members. A lady in the middle, who didn't speak any English and then a man who spoke both languages because he'd moved to Houston from Mexico and TAUGHT HIMSELF ENGLISH!!! Isn't that insane?! He was so nice though. I talked to them for a bit and to the other missionaries around me for a bit. Towards the end of the flight, I gave them both some pass-along cards that were in my carry-on (thank you, madre y padre!) and then an English Book of Mormon to the man who spoke English (my missionary friend across the aisle had brought an extra), they took both and said thank you, but then the man thought about it and gave it back to me saying that he'd just throw it in the trash when he got off the plane and that he only believed in the Bible. I tried to explain to him that this goes hand-in-hand with the Bible, and that we believe in the Bible too, but he wouldn't have it. oh well. haha MY FIRST REJECTION!!! Yaaay! 

So this week has been fantastic! I didn't bring my camera, so I'll have to remember to bring that next week for pictures but holy cow, what a wonderful place. It's 90 acres and BEAUTIFUL! Oh! and by the way, guess who my companion is? Hermana MORTENSON!!! My friend who I went to St. George and tunnel singing with, SHE'S MY COMPANION!!! And it's awesome! She's the sweetest and SOOO talented! 

The foods great, the classes are amazing! My District consists of me and Hma. Mortenson and 3 other companionships of Elders. there's Elders Groscost and Hall (Elder Groscost is our District Leader), Elders Butler and Keele, and Elders Johnson and Smith. They are all sooo awesome! We're all awesome friends and it's just a wonderful atmosphere. All of the Elders are going to Pachuka, Mexico. We have all of our classes together, and we're all teaching the same investigator, we just do it in shifts. Oh, and by the way, we've taught our investigator three times now, the 4th tonight, and all in SPANISH!!! Crazy, right? Also, every week we have to write a talk (in Spanish) on a given topic, and then, during sacrament meeting, which we have as a zone (three disctricts, total, I've finally memorized everyone's names), and in Spanish, a member of our Branch Presidency (who are all AWESOME) will call people to give their (hopefully) prepared talks. So, you ALWAYS have to write one and have it ready. So this Sunday, they called 3 people, they gave their talks, then we had a hymn, then he called 2 more speakers (the only on from our district was Elder Keele), then we were supposed to wrap up but President Vasquez, who was conducting, stood up and said (in Spanish) "we have time for one more speaker. Hermana Larsen, would you please be our closing speaker?" sooo... I had to hurry and wipe off the tears on my face (the talk before mine was so touching, I loved his testimony and seeing the Gift of Tongues happening), collect my stuffs and go give a 5 minute talk in Spanish. It was awesome. ;) 

We have an hour of gym time everyday, the food is amazing (although all the other missionaries tell me to just not eat the hot dogs....?) I share a room with Hermana Mortenson and two other Sisters: Hermana Pribie and Hermana Funk. They are great. We share our casa with 6 other sisters, each of the other companionships get their own room, but that's okay because we just get to bond like awesome.

 I haven't gotten sick at all so, Mom, don't worry. I'm so so good. I'm sleeping awesome (as per usual) I'm getting up okay in the mornings. I think my alarm clock might be the only one that works in our room, so I'm glad I brought it! 

I've been good emotionally too, I was fine Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday was a little discouraging because it was SOO much language (and our language class is given in Spanish so...) and I was just getting discouraged and having doubts about my learning abilities, but you know what? I've been getting better ever since that day and the Lord is helping me SOOO much. I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish now, and before my mission, I had a really hard time understanding ANY of it, but now, when I read, I can tell what's going on. So that's awesome. =) the gift of tongues is real. Also, the deterioration of my English and Spelling is also real... I'm sorry. It's just going to get worse. 

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers! I can feel them! 

Have the best week of all the weeks, okay? 

Hermana Shayna Larsen


Also, guess who just walked in and said 'hi'? PRESIDENT RAINES!!! That was an awesome surprise! He took pictures and said he'd give you guys hugs for me, so that's bueno. 

Sure love you guys! Happy day! 


Hermana Larsen

Also, cool fact, apparently my district had been put in an advanced Spanish class since we're so talented at learning and stuff. ;)

Happy day! 

Love you all! Kiss and hug each other for me! 

--Hma. Larsen
Aug. 5, 2015 from the MTC

Your Missionary's mailing address is:
Sister Larsen
14/09/2015 11-C
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is 14/09/2015. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly facilitate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.

I´m safe! I made it! It´s so beautiful here at the CCM, There is such a strong spirit here. I might cry. Haha I have all of my bags, Mom was right about everything #surprisesurprise. And you´ll be able to hear from me next week on my P-day on Wednesday. I hope yáll are having a great day! I´m awesome and trying to figure out this spanish keyboard... ;) 

Love you all so much! 

--Hma. Larsen