Tuesday, January 5, 2016


First week!!!

Hola Familia y Amigos! Happy Wednesday! Mine's been awesome thus far. The first day, me and Hermana Scholes stuck together for most of the day and we made sooo many new missionary friends. There were about 45 missionaries going to the CCM (Mexico MTC) just on our flight! It was insane! Such a great energy, though. We were all just so excited! On the flight, I sat behind Hma. Scholes and across the aisle from some other missionaries, but I sat next to two non-members. A lady in the middle, who didn't speak any English and then a man who spoke both languages because he'd moved to Houston from Mexico and TAUGHT HIMSELF ENGLISH!!! Isn't that insane?! He was so nice though. I talked to them for a bit and to the other missionaries around me for a bit. Towards the end of the flight, I gave them both some pass-along cards that were in my carry-on (thank you, madre y padre!) and then an English Book of Mormon to the man who spoke English (my missionary friend across the aisle had brought an extra), they took both and said thank you, but then the man thought about it and gave it back to me saying that he'd just throw it in the trash when he got off the plane and that he only believed in the Bible. I tried to explain to him that this goes hand-in-hand with the Bible, and that we believe in the Bible too, but he wouldn't have it. oh well. haha MY FIRST REJECTION!!! Yaaay! 

So this week has been fantastic! I didn't bring my camera, so I'll have to remember to bring that next week for pictures but holy cow, what a wonderful place. It's 90 acres and BEAUTIFUL! Oh! and by the way, guess who my companion is? Hermana MORTENSON!!! My friend who I went to St. George and tunnel singing with, SHE'S MY COMPANION!!! And it's awesome! She's the sweetest and SOOO talented! 

The foods great, the classes are amazing! My District consists of me and Hma. Mortenson and 3 other companionships of Elders. there's Elders Groscost and Hall (Elder Groscost is our District Leader), Elders Butler and Keele, and Elders Johnson and Smith. They are all sooo awesome! We're all awesome friends and it's just a wonderful atmosphere. All of the Elders are going to Pachuka, Mexico. We have all of our classes together, and we're all teaching the same investigator, we just do it in shifts. Oh, and by the way, we've taught our investigator three times now, the 4th tonight, and all in SPANISH!!! Crazy, right? Also, every week we have to write a talk (in Spanish) on a given topic, and then, during sacrament meeting, which we have as a zone (three disctricts, total, I've finally memorized everyone's names), and in Spanish, a member of our Branch Presidency (who are all AWESOME) will call people to give their (hopefully) prepared talks. So, you ALWAYS have to write one and have it ready. So this Sunday, they called 3 people, they gave their talks, then we had a hymn, then he called 2 more speakers (the only on from our district was Elder Keele), then we were supposed to wrap up but President Vasquez, who was conducting, stood up and said (in Spanish) "we have time for one more speaker. Hermana Larsen, would you please be our closing speaker?" sooo... I had to hurry and wipe off the tears on my face (the talk before mine was so touching, I loved his testimony and seeing the Gift of Tongues happening), collect my stuffs and go give a 5 minute talk in Spanish. It was awesome. ;) 

We have an hour of gym time everyday, the food is amazing (although all the other missionaries tell me to just not eat the hot dogs....?) I share a room with Hermana Mortenson and two other Sisters: Hermana Pribie and Hermana Funk. They are great. We share our casa with 6 other sisters, each of the other companionships get their own room, but that's okay because we just get to bond like awesome.

 I haven't gotten sick at all so, Mom, don't worry. I'm so so good. I'm sleeping awesome (as per usual) I'm getting up okay in the mornings. I think my alarm clock might be the only one that works in our room, so I'm glad I brought it! 

I've been good emotionally too, I was fine Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday was a little discouraging because it was SOO much language (and our language class is given in Spanish so...) and I was just getting discouraged and having doubts about my learning abilities, but you know what? I've been getting better ever since that day and the Lord is helping me SOOO much. I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish now, and before my mission, I had a really hard time understanding ANY of it, but now, when I read, I can tell what's going on. So that's awesome. =) the gift of tongues is real. Also, the deterioration of my English and Spelling is also real... I'm sorry. It's just going to get worse. 

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers! I can feel them! 

Have the best week of all the weeks, okay? 

Hermana Shayna Larsen

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