Tuesday, January 5, 2016

8-12-15 from Pres. Raines

Brother and Sister Larsen,

Look who I found in the Mexico MTC!!! I am in town for the Mexico City Temple open house and Elder Richards wanted to see the MTC. My chances of seeing here were slim, but we were blessed! I was so happy to see her! She is happy! She looks great and loves the MTC. She was sending you an email when I found her! She said to tell you she is happy and not crying!!! Her companion is from the North Stake. The picture of the house is similar to where she is staying. The Lord blessed us to see each other!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures!


Hma Larsen & Pres. Raines (Cedar Hollow Stake Pres.)

Pres. Raines, Hms Larsen & Mortenson

Pres. Raines found her emailing us.

Mexico City CCM (MTC)

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