Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Okay! So, last week was soooo long and I was having a hard time being positive on Saturday because I was inwardly focused and wanted to be perfect at Spanish already. So I was going about my day, eating food and going to classes (mornings can be reeeally long here. But they're getting shorter every day, so it's cool) and just a little discouraged. And while we're eating lunch in the Comedor, a butterfly comes in and gets trapped because it can't find the way out! Once I'd finished eating, I found it sitting on a fake plant, so I cupped it up, gently, in my hands, and brought it outside. I took my top hand off from on top of it, and then held it out on my finger for it to go fly off, and it DIDN'T! But I needed to go to class, so it was me, Hna. Mortenson and my new friend, walking off to our class. Along the way it flew away, and it was beautiful. But... as you can imagine, I was just crying and crying afterwards because I was SOOO happy! I've ALWAYS wanted to hold a butterfly! And it was everything I hoped for and more! I loved it! 

So, ever since then, I've been golden. God loves me. And he showed me that very clearly last Saturday, and it was wonderful. Life as a missionary is full of tender mercies. 

Yesterday was Tuesday, so it was Costco-pizza-and-a-devotional day. We watched an MTC devotional by David A. Bednar that I think was called 'The Character of Christ', it was life-changing. Really, it was the best talk I have ever heard. Ever. Please go look it up, you will be better because of it. 

Today is P-day and me and my zone got to go to the MEXICO CITY TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE!!! Oh my goodness, what a great week I've had. The temple was BEAUTIFUL!!! SOOOO gorgeous! The spirit was totally there and thriving and I couldn't be happier. I may have shed a few tears there too... but it was AWESOME!!! 

One of the older missionaries serving here at the CCM took us to the temple, and on our way back, he asked us if we noticed the chandelier in the Celestial Room (kind of hard to miss) and told us that it represents us. Not the light, because we don't produce the light in this world, Christ does. But we are the prisms that the chandeliers consist of. We accept the light and then reflect it on for others. I had never thought of it like that, and I loved it. 

I love y'all so much! Cool things coming up for me are the Temple Dedication (thank you for the white handkerchief, Mom!) and ELDER D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON IS COMING ON AUG. 26th!!!! HE'S COMING TO THE CCM AND I AM SO EXCITTTTTEEEEEEDDDD!!!! AAHHHHH!!! 
He's amazing. It's going to be the best. I love you all. Still. Have a great week! 

--Hermana Shayna Larsen

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