Tuesday, January 5, 2016

El Campo

¡Hola todas las personas que estaran leyendo este! I hope that you all are having the best weeks of your lives! Mine has been loco... in mostly good ways.
The last week at the CCM flew by. Man, it was so crazy and there was a lot of crying (from other people, not me. Obviously) because we all just hate goodbyes. There´s a Dieter F. Uchtdorf quote that says that it is not in our nature to say goodbyes, because we are Eternal Beings. The fact that goodbyes are so hard is just a testiment to the fact that we are meant to be with our loved ones for Eternity. 
I really felt that this week. Such wonderful people, of whom I am eternally grateful. I´m really gonna miss all of them. 
Monday was insane. I had to be at the meeting place for those who were leaving at 5:30 in the morning. I woke up at 2 to say goodbye to another sister in our room who had to leave at 2:30, and I just did not get very much sleep. So, I met with my group of missionaries who were also leaving for my mission--all of whom are Latinos. Pres. Hall (my mission president) picked us up, and took us to the mission home. It is really beautiful. There we had a wonderful breakfast that the Hermanas got to help Hermana Hall prepare, then I had an interview with the President (who is a wonderful person, by the way) then a few hours of orientation by the President in Spanish. They were so thoughtful, and had asked an Hermana in the mission who spoke fluent Spanish and English to translate the whole time for me. It was very sweet and I was so grateful to have her there. After, we had an AMAZING Méxican lunch then we had another meeting to find out who our trainers are. I have been paired with Hermana Del Rosario who is from the Dominican Republic. She has been teaching herself English since she was 11, which she did from tv shows and High School Musical CD´s that her mom had bought her. She graduated high school at 16 and did 2 years of college before coming out. Needless to say, she´s awesome. She speaks SUPER good English, she´s fluent. Which is a lot less confuzing and awesome that she´s Latina, so my Spanish can improve faster. 
Yesterday, after we found out who our companions were, we took a taxi to our casa. We are living with these sweet members who have an adorable little yellow bird. We live on the 3rd floor, in our our little apartment, just the two of us. It´s humble and really wonderful. There is a cockroach problem, but I have been told that it is only in the kitchen... so that´s what I keep telling myself when I´m going to sleep. ;)
Yesterday we taught two lessons and did some contacting. The first woman that we visited´s name is Faviola. She is so sweet and humble and has two adorable daughters. All of which are over the age of 8. =D So, that´s exciting. They are all really sweet and we taught them about Jesus Christ and repentance. One of her daughters was trying to do her homework while we were teaching, but it was really neat because a lot of times, she would pop her head up and ask us questions about the principles that we were teaching. For example, she asked me what sin is. This girl is 12, mind you. And she is interested in learning about the Gospel. She asked us about homosexual relations and we then got to talk about Eternal families. Their Mom is so sweet and was helping us to teach her children, based off of what we were saying. She seems really interested, and she felt the Spirit. We asked her to pray about our message and if it is for her. I love them so much, it was just wonderful. I can´t wait till I get to see them again. Also, Faviola gave the closing prayer, and it was just really tender. 
We also are visiting a woman named Luz. She is in a wheel chair from a near-fatal accident and she and her family are all just the sweetest. Two of her nieces were recently baptised and you can tell she´s just so interested in our message. I love her!
Contacting was fun! We got three new investigators! I´m very excited to meet with them!
Today´s p-day this week (it´s normally on Mondays) so we went shopping and such. And today is the Independence Day for México, so we all need to be in our houses by 6 tonight.
Oh! I also got to watch the Temple Dedication and the Cultural Celebration this last week for the México City temple! It was really great and it kind of dawned on me during, that when Christ appeared to the Nephites, and during His ministery, He wasn´t speaking English. I feel like I knew that before, but it just kind of hit me this week. Which just kind of reaffirmed in me the importance of knowing different languages, because that´s what Christ did.
President Hall has a program to teach the Latinos in this mission English so they can get themselves out of poverty. So us Americans are appreciated by the Latinos because we can help test them and practice, so I´ve had a lot of people practicing their English with me, and me adn some of the other Americans get to teach and quiz them in our zone meeting every week. I got to do that today, and it was a really sweet experience. I just want to remind you all to be grateful for the fact that you already know English, and to try and recognise the opportunities that come with this language. These people are working SO hard to learn English because it means a better life for themselves and their family. Remember to be grateful. I sure love you all! Have a bomb-diggety week!
Hermana Shayna Lynn Larsen

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