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Hello everyone! Happy miercoles. (That's ''day'' in Spanish. ;) ) 
I hope y'all are doing well and are seeing so many blessings all around you (because I promise you, they are there). 

So, as explained in the Subject line of this particular message, it is somebody's birthday today. Which is a little bit of a lie because it's probably many people's birthdays today. BUT the one that matters a TON is mi MADRE!!!  (sorry anyone whose birthday it also is... and isn't my mom... in my life she kind of trumps... Always.). 

My wonderful mother is another year older today, (and wiser too) and she is just getting more and more beautiful every year (This is legit) and more and more AMAZING! if that's possible for her. 

And isn't it fitting that the wonderful lesson that I am sharing this week is about something that she's kind of been telling me for a while (because she's practically perfect). 

We had a live video broadcast with the Provo MTC where Dallin H. Oaks was speaking yesterday. He talked a lot about Preach My Gospel, and a lot about keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  We were talking as a District afterwards, about how Keeping the Sabbath Day holy is SOOO important and makes a huge difference. Elder Keele told us how recently (like, within the past year) the Quorum of the Seventy, the Quorum of the Twelve, and the First Presidency met together to try and figure out why so many members were falling away, and what they can do to help prevent this sad thing from happening. After meeting for hours and hours, they all came to the conclusion that the thing that members who fell away were starting to do first was not keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Elder Smith shared how, in his life, he's seen a marginal difference between his friends who did and his friends who didn't. At first, probably around the beginning of high school, there was not much of a difference between those who did and those who didn't. But with time, and by the time he left for his mission, the difference couldn't be bigger. Kind of like that math problem, where the airplane is off a slight degree, and you eventually have to tell how far off the plan is because of that slight miscalculation. Besides being frustrating, this story-problem rings truth. The path is straight and narrow and we cannot allow ourselves to listen to the natural man inside each of us, and choose to put our will before God's. Elder Oaks also talked about how part of keeping the Sabbath Day holy is preparing ourselves to receive the Sacrament. This is a week-long thing as much as it is a during-the-sacramental-hymn thing. If it wasn't important and if it didn't help us, God wouldn't ask us to do it. Moses 1:39. I know that this is a true concept, and that God is looking out for us SO much and wants to help us become the best people we can be. And that in order to do so, our names cannot be at the top of our priority list. Yo testifico que este es la verdad en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén. 

This week was pretty fun! I have a wonderful companion and a wonderful District and zone and great teachers. And the food is great, so really, it's kind of been an awesome week. 

On Sunday I was called to give my talk that I had prepared on the Fall. So... numero dos as far as talks go. Also, my companion and I were called to be the new Zone Sister Training leaders. Also, this week in all of our classes, we're playing a game where someone in the class is "the native" and they can NEVER speak English, and at the end of next week, our teachers are going to guess who it is. The catch is that then EVERYONE needs to be only speaking Spanish, so that there are more people who could possibly be el nativo. My companion was chosen by us to be the native and so far, after starting on Saturday, and having Sunday not be a day where we did it, or Tuesday night because we had a devotional, half of us are out. We are supposed to last till next week. haha so... wish us luck! 

Also, there was a bird outside me and Hermana Mortenson's casa who couldn't fly, tiny tiny bird, it probably had just fallen out of the nest that day, and it would stay under a bench near our house. One day it rained and it just sat there in the far corner, shaking because it was so cold. So during dinner that day, I got a piece of bread for it to eat. I broke off some pieces and tried to throw them near it... and I ended up hitting it with one of them and I still feel TERRIBLE about it, because it was already terrified that I was there in the first place! Anyway, I ended up placing the bread next to it under the bench, and the next time I saw it, some of the bread was gone. The time after that that I saw it, all of the bread AND the bird were gone! I looked around for it a could of times, and finally came to the conclusion that it had gotten the strength to leave and fly away. I felt pretty awesome, and happy for the sweet bird, and then lately this week I've noticed this bird, same type but just a little bigger (could still be the same bird that has just grown a little bigger), and... I have gotten fairly close to it... and it hasn't flown away. It just kind of runs a little bit away. I'm flattered that it's so comfortable to have me around, BUT I'm realizing that this might be that same little bird that I fed...(I've named him Buddy) who... because I fattened him up so much that day, cannot fly... so I feel a little bad about that, but it's pretty cute seeing him walkin' around the CCM. 

Also, last thing, me and Hermana Mortenson wanted to have Christmas with all of these wonderful people here, but it's August. So we made our own, and played Santa for a day and only sang Christmas Hymns and it was super fun. Christmas in August is almost as awesome as real Christmas. 

Have an incredible week! I love you all! 

--Hermana Larsen 

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