Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Este semana

Hola framily! Sure love you all! And thank you for the prayers, I am feeling very blessed right now! 

Well! I'm at my last week here at the CCM. And I'm super lucky, because this week is the Mexico City temple dedication, so we get to watch it the day before we all leave! And we get to watch the cultural celebration too! #soexcited 

This week has been good. My District and I all got our travel plans yesterday. I found out that I'm leaving Monday at 6 a.m., so I have to meet at Reception at 5:30. Wahoo! But what's cool is that my mission is coming to pick me up, which is nice, because I was a little worried that they were just going to kick me out the back door. But I'm am so pumped. I'm the only American in my group of about 10 people, so I'd better get perfect at Spanish fast. haha ah well. pray for me.
 I'm having to get ready to say goodbye to everyone here, which will be hard. I love them all so much. 

Me and Hermana Mortenson got blessings of comfort this last week. She felt like she really needed one, and then after hers ended, I felt like I wanted one too, so I asked if one of the Elders could give me one and I'm so glad I did. One of the Elders could tell that I was hesitant, and he told me that God is always waiting to bless us. We just have to let him, and ask. So I shouldn't feel hesitant about letting my loving Heavenly Father bless me. The blessing was amazing. And Hermana Mortenson wrote down what was said, so I've been studying it and trying to figure out how to apply the advice and counsel into my life right now. It kept telling me to be diligent, and it told me a lot about being blessed for obedience, faith, and patience (so long as I actually have them) so I'm going to take Elder Bednar's challenge from his Character of Christ talk and read through a new Book of Mormon and mark with those four traits as my filter. I have a couple of those cheap soft-bound ones, and I'm so excited to start! I've been studying in Preach My Gospel before I start about the Christ-like attributes section. Read it. Really. I think it's chapter six. Every day I am becoming more and more of the belief that EVER member should be studying Preach My Gospel. Elder Christofferson (who helped write it) told us that it is straight from Christ. It is another form of scripture. Be studying it! I'm learning so much!!! 

I love you all dearly. Thank you again for the prayers. And I hope you have to best weeks of your life! 

--Hermana Larsen  

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