Sunday, February 28, 2016

Zone Conference

Hola, personas! This week was super chill. We had our zone conference where we studied the life of Peter and his conversion process. And it's really neat. Presidente Hall talked to us about how, usually, when we talk about Peter walking on the water, we focus on him doubting, and, as a result, sinking, but Presidente wanted us to realize that Peter is the only Apostle who had the faith the leave the boat and to follow his Savior. It's a wonderful example that he has set for us, especially when he was finally converted in Acts. I would really suggest studying the life of Peter. 

We have some really sweet people here. We're working with investigators and members and it's really great. We make new friends all the time and they are just the sweetest. The other day, we were talking to a new friend who's probably in her 70's and who was telling us to be careful in the street, especially at night. She was so worried about us, that she told us that she was going to give us some Holy Water that she has in her house, to help us out, just in case. haha we told her not to worry about it and that we're protected, but how sweet. haha in her own way. 

Here, they celebrate the day of the Three Kings (who broughts gifts to Christ), and how they celebrate is the little kids buy a balloon, tie a letter on it, addressed to the three kings, saying what they want from them for this special day, and then send the ballon off in the air. And the 6th of January, the Three Kings come and bring presents for the kids! Another tradition, is that they have this large loaf of bread with candied fruit. The loaf is in the shape of an 'O' and there are little toys inside. So, each person takes their turn cutting off their personal piece of the bread, and if you have one of the toys, you have to buy tamales for everyone who was sharing the bread! It's really fun, I haven't gotten a toy yet, but it's a very sweet tradition that I like very much. (And not just because I'm going to get free tamales). 

I sure love you. God exists and He really is preparing people to receive this message and it's beautiful. I hope you all have the best week this next week, and please pray every day to your Father in Heaven! 

¡Feliz Semana!

--Hermana Larsen

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