Sunday, February 28, 2016


So... this week was a little crazy as far as missions go. Hermana Garcia and I were working hard and trying to figure out how to improve our efforts and everything, but most of all, TERRIFIED about changes, that were yesterday, but we get the calls Saturday night. We had prayed and asked for God to permit us to continue working together in this area, and I had asked President too (in a very good way. I quoted scripture and everything). The phonecall came Saturday and our zone leader, Elder Cox told us that we had a very special situation. That we were both going to train, but as a trio here in Panamericano. We were so excited and got the house ready for one more person. Monday, we went to President's house to have lunch and to pick up our new daughter. As we were finishing up eating, President asked me to visit with him in his office and pulled Hermana Hall inside too. Honestly, I was terrified that a family member had passed away or something aweful like that. **SPOILER, EVERYONE'S FINE!!!** (this spoiler was brought to you by Maya Larsen). President told me that I am needed elsewhere. That he just heard Saturday that we are going to have another new sister whose coming to wait for her visa so she can go to the MTC in Provo. He told me that I will also be openning an area. So, yesterday, I was in a trio, and today I am a trainer in an area called Via de las Flores. haha It's new. I've only been here for about 3 hours, but it's really great. My companion's a sweetheart and we're ready to go to work. Also, to maybe buy some bread so we can leave crumbs everywhere we go. haha My companion's name is Hermana de Santiago and she is from Lerdo Durango, here in México, but way more up North. She's been called to serve in Portland, Oregon, so we're going to be practicing English a lot. =) 

Thinking about what's happened, I was thinking that I'd be discouraged, or frustrated or sad, but I'm not. I was thinking about why, and why I don't feel like saying, 'Oh, prayers don't work' or some sort of Apostacy like that, and it's because this has been a beautiful example to me that, yes. God answers prayers, unless He has something better in mind. He loves me very much, and all of you too. Just know that when an answer doesn't come the way we want it to, it is ALWAYS because He has something better in mind. I love my Heavenly Father very much and I testify of His love for us. It's the "because" for everything good that life has. And everything good that the eternities can hold. I hope you have a wonderful week. I sure love all of you! 

--Hermana Larsen

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