Sunday, February 28, 2016


I just said news because we've had so many new experiences this week! We're in this new ward and have been using our map a lot (a loooooot) and even still sometimes we get lost. But the people here in our new area are the sweetest. The ward members are great, the people on the street too. It's really a beautiful area. And my companion's the bomb-diggety. She has a great memory and so she's helped us get lost less-often. 

We have 0 investigators, because the missionaries who were here before us weren't allowed to contact because they were closing the area. So we are contacting! It's really neat to talk to so many wonderful people. This week we contacted a lady who is 9 months pregnant and walking home from work (9 MONTHS!) and she said that we could pass by the park and share a message with her. We talked with her about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and that there's a plan that he has created for us to go back and live with Him again. We talked about Why Christ is so important in this plan and why it's important to follow Him. We then invited her to be baptised, and she said yes!!! But she lives in the area of our Zone Leaders so, lucky them. haha We found another lady who's looking for better work. So I told her about the self-reliance courses that the church provides (for freeeeeeee!) and she was so excited! She told us that we're an answer to her prayers and that she knows we were sent from God. Now we're just trying to find a time to meet with her and talk about the Gospel, but she's already been to two self-reliance activities, and so we'll see! 

There are these two words in Spanish that are really similar: plaqueta and placa. plaqueta is platelet. Like, a component of our blood. And the other }, placa, is like tag (like our missionary name tags) and the other day I asked a lady to look for people with little platelets... my companion was very sweet and afterwords explained to me what happened. haha she's the sweetest. 

I wish you all an amazing week! PLEASE!!! read your scriptures! No joke, they are the bomb. Commitment, right now, each of you are going to really read your scriptures, study a topic, answer a question that you have, and then share what you learned. My preference would be you sharing what you learned with me and also the scriptured that you  learned it with. Pray with faith, and you will find your answer! It's amazing! Please do it! 

I love you all! 

--Hermana Larsen 

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