Sunday, February 28, 2016

Turns out, work works.

This week was probably my best in my mission thus far and I am only motivated to be better. 

I LOVE being here. I love learning. I love helping people. I love these families. I love the scriptures. I love my Heavenly Father. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! Really, it's the bomb. 

This last week Hermana Garcia and I had a little bit a of a wake-up. We've been working this whole time, but we realized that we're doing well, but it's not our BEST and in Doctrine and Covenants it says that as missionaries we need to give ALL our hearts, mights, minds, and strengths to the Lord! So I've been really thinking about how I can give more in each of these catagories. We've set goals for ourselves, we feast upon the words of Christ and love them. The scriptures are inspired of God and they have SO MUCH in them! It is so great to learn from them and to grow in this Gospel, in our testimonies, and in our ability to help these people! One of the things that I've been bad at my whole mission is dropping people, because I'm always thinking that I just need to try harder and maybe this next time they'll accept it. I'm realizing that the world is not as black, white, and grey as I thought. It is black and white. There is God, and there's the enemy, and we all need to decide for ourselves on which side we're going to align our actions, our desires and our thoughts. It breaks my heart to talk with people who don't want to pray, who do not recognize the voice of Christ, but still, there are the people who want to do the will of the Lord! Who have wonderful hearts that are open to the truth and nothing else matters and it is so beautiful! Please choose to be the person who prays. Choose to love God so much that nothing else comes between the two of you. I love you all so much, thank you for your support, for your prayers. This week, I'm gonna ask you to direct your prayers to three families: One, is familia Corona, the mom's name is Araceli, and they have been prepared for this message. Please pray for them that they might continue to be strong! The other, the Mom's name is Christina and their situation is dire. They are living in a house that they made out of sheet metal and wooden palets, and they need your prayers! Also, please pray for Juan Carlos and his family. They need your prayers as well. 

Have a great week! Sure love you all! 

--Hermana Larsen

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