Sunday, February 21, 2016

Esta semana

¡Hola! ¿Como estan? ¡Les amo mucho y gracías por sus oraciones! ¡Estoy muy agradecida por cada uno de ustedes!
Wahoo, Spanish, right? Anyway, this week was good. They are kind of all blending together now (sorry) so I'm going to mention highlights and general stuff. Cool? thanks. You're the best. =D
Okay, so my companion's la bomba and cada semana we get better at exact obedience and being better missionaries. It's really cool growing with her and I love her so much, everyone should get a companion. Cuz it's awesome. (this is not me endorsing young-people relationship, btdubs)
We have our investigator with an addiction, and we now have a baptismal date set! She is amazing! She has so much faith! She's kind of miserable right now from the abstinence, but she doesn't care. She knows all things are possible with God who strengtheneth her, and it's really amazing. The date we set in November 7th, so please pray for her!
We have the family of four, who came to the capilla (to church) again and they are still all amazing. They were asking us about eternal marriage yesterday and I love them.

The people here really have been prepared. Almost everyone here believes in Christ which is SUCH a wonderful thing. So many people are open to listening to our message and to working on their relationship with Christ. I'm very grateful to be here and to be learning from these wonderful people. I love them dearly. And, ugh, I just want ALL OF THEM to accept this Gospel! It's so sad when they say no, because they have NO IDEA what a wondeful thing the true Gospel of Christ is! I am so grateful for this Gospel in my life! I love this Gospel. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that He lives. I know He's here for us, and I implore you to PLEASE please use the Atonement in your life. Our Mission President tells us that, to be the best people that we can be, we need to use the Atonement EVERY DAY. I'm not perfect at this yet, but it's a wonderful thing to work on.
I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. Have an amazing week!
--Hermana Larsen

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