Sunday, February 21, 2016


K. This week was GREAT. And here's why:

We got a new investigator a few weeks ago whose name is Luis. He's been searching and searching for the true church and just is really trying to find God's will for him in his life. He was investigating a church whose services were 3 DAYS away by car. And he went, because he wanted to really try and see if it was true. He's AMAZING! He has the best questions because he's really thinking about this. And his girlfriend, Tania has been starting to take the lessons too! They came to church for the first time this week and in the closing prayer of our last lesson, Luis said that he feels like this is the right path. !!! Me and my companion kind of freaked a little there. It was SO neat! It's so wonderful to be finding these people who you just KNOW have been prepared. The Church is true, people. 

Luz and Salvador are now 2 weeks away from their baptisms and they are doing GREAT. Salvador is 10, so he was in the Primary program this week, which he was SO excited about. He went to all of the practices and he perfectly performed the scripture he had memorized to share. His grandpa gave him new ties (he used to only have one that me and Hna. Del Rosario got for him) and a member was getting rid of old clothes and so he got a suitcoat that fits PERFECTLY. and he LOVES it. They're both just amazing and I am so excited for the both of them! 

Me and my companion survived changes. We're here for the rest of my training and it's gonna be the bomb. I love these people. And God loves them way more, I can feel it. It's really neat. Never doubt that love that is always there for you. 

Yeah. I like being a missionary. It's kind of the bomb. This is the true church of Christ Jesus on the earth again. I know it. I can see the hand of God in my life and in the lives of these investigators because I'm looking for it. It's there guiding and helping all of us. We are not destined to fail. We are eternal beings who are set up to succeed. Elder Bednar said that if we lose ourselves we will find ourselves, but if we are trying to find ourselves, we'll never find ourselves. Isn't it interesting, that our TRUE selves are our perfect selves? Who are perfectly selfless and, no matter what the situation is, unconditionally follow and have faith in God and Christ. Please this week, spend time findng yourself, by losing yourself in the service of others (which is the service of God). I love you all. Good luck with each of your individual journies. God loves you. I share this in Christ's name, amen. 

--Hermana Larsen

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