Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hermana Blanca and Conference Weekend

Hola! Happy this week of your lives!!! You're all amazing and I hope you're all super happy. 

Okay, so I forgot to tell y'all, but last week, Me and my companion were having lunch at a member's house, and the dad asked one of his sons (who was probably about 6) to choose who would give the prayer over the food. He pondered on it for a sec, and then said, pointing at me, "Hermana Blanca!" haha it was pretty great. The people here call people like me (people who you can tell are American because they are white) "guerro" or "guerra", so I hear that a lot.

This week was great. I have a great companion, and the Lord has been blessing us a lot. 

Me and my companion were having a hard time waking up of time, and it was really bothering me. So we talked about it, and I was like, "that's it. I'm kicking this in the behind and instead of waking up at 6:30, I'm waking up at 6 every day! So I have been. But only because I pray for help the night before every time. I'm positive it's not only me, because I've never been good at waking up on time my whole life. And now I've been able to wake up at 6 every day since I made that commitment. The Lord wants us to be successful and He's here to help us make it to success. 

Also, for our workouts in the mornings, we've been teaching each other different types of dances. Today she taught me salsa, and for the past two days we've done ballet and swing. It's pretty fun and I kind of super love my companion and I know you all would too. 

This week Presidente came with us to another lesson, and it was amazing. One of our investigators has an addiction to prescription medication that she confessed to us and so we brought President with us to help her know how she can overcome this so she can make it towards her baptism. She wants to so bad and is just the sweetest, so we have a goal to read the Book of Mormon with her for an hour every day so as to strengthen her and help invite the Spirit into her life more. She's doing so well and she is such an amazing example to all of us. 

Conference was this week!!! I LOVE CONFERENCE! It is the bomb! We watched four sessions, and I understood... one. Because that one was in English (President Hall let me watch Conference in English, so long as week didn't have investigators with us during that session). And it was perfect and wonderful and we had many investigators and recent converts and some less actives come! It was so great! They are all such amazing people who want to be closer to Christ, they are so great. Also, One of our most recent converts was Juan Carlos, and he is just the most kind and humble man you will meet. (and I wonder why he reminds me of my Dad) and we wanted to stop by his house Saturday night to see if he was home, (this would be during the Priesthood Session) and if he was home, we wanted to hurry and run him to the church. So we ended up making it there around 8 (an hour into when the Priesthood Session starts here in México). He was home, he invited us in and we sat down. I told him there were two reasons why we were there: 1, because we wanted to visit with him and 2, there is a Priesthood Session of Conference happening at the church right now, can you come? haha he paused and clarified "right now?" "right now" "oh, umm... okay!" so we ran out, hopped into a taxi and sped off to the church where he was able to watch the last half. haha he is so awesome, and just willing to drop anything to be putting God first. He's just wonderful. 

I hope you all watched the Conference this week! It was amazing! I cannot wait to read the other three sessions and study the talks. 
One talk I did understand was the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland in the Saturday afternoon session. If you did not watch this talk, go do it now. You will probably cry through all of it like I did, but holy cow, it is marvelous. Because of this talk, and because I'm just oober grateful for her, I'd like to give a shout-out to my sweet Mom. When Elder Holland was describing the attributes that Christ-like mothers have, I could not help but think of my kind Mom, and how she fits each of the qualities that were being listed. What a great example she is to me of Christ-like love and putting the Gospel and her family first. I love my mom very dearly and I am so grateful for her. There hasn't been a day that I have been on this mission and have not benefitted from her being my mom. An example of this that I experienced this week was last Monday. We had washed our laundry and it was hanging out to dry. But by the time we got back to the house, it was all soaking wet, because it had rained. We still had to take it all down, so we hung it all up wherever we could in the casa. But they were all still soaking wet by the time we needed to head for bed. Sad thing is, this included my sheets and and my comforter. So... I had a pillow and a mattress cover. And it was SO cold that night (México doesn't believe in heaters). I remembered that my mom had packed me and extra blanket just in case so I went to my suitcase to pull that out. In the same bag as that blanket was a cute pillowcase that my mom had sneakily packed for my with all of these cute little motherly-reminders in Spanish covering it. Because of my mom, I had a pillowcase and a blanket that night. She is Celestial. (btdubs, Mom, I'm fine. I'm warm, I made the necessary adjustments, no worries). So, here's a thank you to my mom, and an appreciative salute to all the moms (current or future) who are reading this. You are doing better than you think you are. 

Have an amazing week and go tell your mom you love her. 

With affection, 

Hermana Larsen

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