Sunday, February 21, 2016

A crazy-awesome-tiring-blessed week

Hello framily! Happy Monday! (Or, as they say here in Mexico, P-day). 
This week with Hermana Garcia has been great. She's a super-hard worker and super kind. Very patient--thank goodness--and she just loves. With all her heart, all the people, all day. She's a very good example to me. She doesn't know very much English, so we're working on that right now, while she's helping me with my Spanish.
This week we talked to a lot of great people. We have a new investigator whose name is Daniela Ochoa. She's very nice. She has a lot of love in her heart. She wants her family to be together forever. And she's very determined to prove that Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet and that the Book of Mormon isn't the word of God. I wish her luck (she's going to need it) and she's accepted the challenge of reading the Book of Mornon and of praying about it. I just really hope that she has her heart open to the will of God! He loves her so much, I can feel it, or at least a part of it, and I am super-praying that she'll be open to and recognise the promptings of the Spirit as she reads. Please pray for her! She is really cool and I love her so much!
Tania's looking for a different work, with the help of some members of the ward, so that she can come to church... we've taught her part of lesson 1, and she is kind of a rock-star. We all need to be more like Tania.
This week, my companion and I were teaching a lesson to a 24-year-old student, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Jorge. They are so great and so sweet, we all get along great, and they have GREAT questions. We were talking to them about why it's important to go to church and about the difference between our church and all the rest, specifically about the Priesthood. We mentioned that only a male can hold the Priesthood and then the inevitable question came: why can't women hold the Priesthood? I started explaining that, for me, I've realized that it's a big help in the lives of men to learn how to be tender and gentle and to love better. It also helps them to be more accountable so that they can be worthy of using it. My companion started talking about the gift of being able to give birth that us women have and we started discussing how we, as men and women, have separate but equal roles. That we balance each other out. There was a pause, and you could tell that Jorge was thinking a lot about what we were saying and really pondering, and honestly, I was waiting for the word 'sexist' to pop out of one or both of their mouths. But Jorge said that he believes that what we were saying makes sense. He said that men tend to be more violent and rough than women and that he can understand why God would have it that way. It was a pretty great discussion, with pretty great people. And I know that the roles of men and women are divine. We are not meant to be the same, we compliment each other with our differences. We need each other. And it's a really beautiful thing. I testify that families, and marriage between a man and a women are of God. This is the way that He's commanded us to do it because, as with every commandment, that's what's best for us. I promise this is true. I promise that God knows what He's doing.
Thank you for letting me share my week with you. I love you all dearly. Thank you for your prayers. Lots of love is being sent your way, and not just by me, because you have a Heavenly Father who just wants your success.
Happy week!
Hermana Larsen

Pictures from the Baptism! The two in the jumpsuits are Luz and Salvador! Salma's holding the baby and the baby is Sofie. The member with the beard is David and the other is Hno. Pepe. They were the ones who baptised them. SUPER GREAT DAY! 

My sweet companion for the day. 

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