Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dia de los muertos

This week was Halloween! Happy late Halloween. BUT today and yesterday are México's Días de Los Muertos, so... happy those today and yesterday!
This week was pretty cool. We are super lucky and super blessed. Because of changes our zone got switched around a little bit, and we got some new people. One of which is American and JUST got out of the CCM! Which was pretty nice for me, because I got to recognise that actually, yes, I am learning Spanish and the gift of tongues is real. AND I got to reasure this new Elder of that. 
This coming week is Luz and Salvador's baptisms!!! I am SO excited for them. They had their interviews this last week and they did great and are ready for this covenant! They are thrilled and me and my companion are too. Like, a lot. ALSO, yesterday President Hall came with us again to an appointment. This time it was with Familia Ramirez. We were a bit worried about them because they didn't come to church for two weeks and the last time we talked with them they said that they think all churches are good, because they all point to God... which is true, kind of because, yes there are good things about every church. But this meant that we hadn't done our job in explaining the Restoration to them. properly. So we went back and asked if they had prayed about this church or not, as we had asked them to last time. I expected them to say no, and then us to have a lesson on why it's important for them to build their relationship with God and such, but they said, yes they had. Haha It was AWESOME. And they had had great responses, unique to them, from God throught the Holy Ghost of the validity of this church. So, my companion asked them the question of if they would follow the example of Christ and be baptised... AND THEY SAID YES!!! We have a date for them on December 5th and I am SO excited. Please pray for them, because Satan is real and does not want them to go through with this decision. They need our prayers!
This week I learned a lot. A lot of Spanish, a lot about the Gospel, but one thing that I'm positive that I've shared before, but that I'm going to share again is that prayer WORKS. Have faith, have righteous desires, and allow your prayers to be directed by the Spirit, and you're golden. We met with Familia Ramirez after church yesterday, so all during testimony meeting, I was praying and praying that the testimonies would be guided by the Spirit to be things that this family needed to hear. Ever testimony. I'm not kidding, EVER testimony talked about at least two of these things: This is Christ's true church on the eart again, Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God, and that we have a living prophet today who guides the church. Prayer works, and these testimonies touched the hearts of this family. Please please please, give God this opportunity to give you a miracle, and to see His hands in your life and PRAY.
I love you all dearly, thank you for your prayers. This church is the true church of Christ on the earth again. I do not doubt its validity. God is real. Baptism is the gate we must pass through in order to make all of the other covenants that we need so that we might obtain peace and joy in this life and in the life to come with our loving Father in Heaven, our brother who gave everything for us, and with our wonderful families. Please love the people in your life enough to worry about their Salvation. I share this testimony in Christ's name, amen.
Have an amazing week, people. You are so loved.
--Hermana Larsen
oh! p.s., this week marks one year since I cut my hair off, so I took a picture of celebration on how long it's gotten. If you are thinking of cutting your hair super short, it will be about this long in one year: 

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