Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stake Conference

This week was another great week. It went super fast, though. We have members helping us almost every day, we are preparing a WHOLE FAMILY for their baptism on the 5th of December and they are just the sweetest, and I get to eat tacos like, almost every day! So... it's kind of the bomb-diggety. 

We had divisions this week. I stayed here with Hermana Moreno and my companion went to her area. We had a great time, and more tacos, and as we were contacting, we were about to talk to a couple about the Gospel of Jesus Christ when the man held out his hand to display his Haz lo Justo ring (CTR en Spanish). They were members! (not the first time that has happened). They were sweet and we were talking and they were about to leave when I asked them if I could share a quick message with them. I share some of the promises that Presidente Hall has for people who help the missionaries in this work. Afterwards, the man paused and asked if he could see my agenda. He proceeded to write down his number, and address, as well as that of his wife and then took us to a taco place to buy us tacos. We told him that we didn't have time, so he took us to a store to buy us whatever we wanted there. He asked if we wanted a sandwich, and I said yes, not knowing that this store even sold sandwiches. Turns out it didn't. He bought us a loaf of bread, a chunck of meat and a block of cheese as well as some juice. He then gave us some references and he and his wife were on their way. It was very sweet and not everyone needs to feed the missionaries to be sweet, but it was nice to see them see what they could be doing to help us. 

We had Stake Conference this week! It was so so great and we had a member from the Area 70 who came and spake! His name is Elder Alan Walker. I don't know if any of you know him, but his Spanish is amazing, and he brought a great Spirit into the meeting. 

We are working with a lady named Daniela who if you could all pray for, I'd really appreciate it. She's having trouble opening herself up to this message. She's really great and such a sweet person and I love her so much. She needs our prayers. 

I love you all! Happy week! 

--Hermana Larsen

I got to try out a mototaxi for my first time this week! It's kind of the funnest thing ever. 

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