Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hola Framily! What. A. WEEK! It was awesome, lemme tell ya. First, I want to share some small experiences we had this week: 

We were visiting a family that consisted of a mom and her mom and her three sons, two of which were busy with homework so the mom was telling us that she can't meet with us because she needed to help them. Well, we offered to help, and they were so grateful. My companion was helping a kid write out 7 legends from different countries and I was helping another who's probably about 6 years old write examples of justice and injustice. So I told this sweet boy a story about a kid names Diego playing in a glass store and breaking something but then paying for it, and then I asked him if this was justice or injustice. The whole time during the story he was just laughing and then trying not to laugh, adn finally his mom came over and asked him what the problem was. She was saying something along the lines of 'You need to listen! She's telling you a story and trying to help you, what's the problem?' to which he answered, 'but Mom! I can't understand what she's saying!' haha this poor sweet kid. As if homework wasn't hard enough. haha it was really cute. I also got to help to other boy by telling him some Legends from the States and it was really more like charades than anything, but... the Spanish is coming along! haha poco a poco. 

My companion and I were knocking at a door that belonged to a man names Juan. We'd been knocking and knocking and he wasn't answering, so finally my companion started to call out for him. 'Juan! JUAN!' .And... I couldn't help it, but one of the times that she shouted, 'JUAN!' I replied with 'TWO!, THREE!'  haha... it took her a second to understand it and she gave me a teasing stink-face butI thought it was pretty funny. 

Thanksgiving, we had a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and he surprised us with Chicken and soda! It was so so nice, very thoughtful. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here so it was a special surprise. 

K, so Familia Ramirez is the Familia who has a baptismal date set for this Saturday. They have all the lessons, they come to church every week, but yesterday we found out the they ACTUALLY ARE NOT LEGALLY MARRIED!!! *lots of screaming and hyperventalating* turns out, here, in México, sometimes people will refer to a person that they are living with, and have lived with for, like 14 years and have 2 kids with as their spouse... when they are not tequnically married. So, that's our next adventure right now. haha we're getting then married (hopefully) sometime this week if they can get work off. So, pray that they can, please! Also, if you're on a mission, or going to go on a mission, ASK SPECIFICALLY IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY, TECHNICALLY, LEGALLY MARRIED! k, awesome. 

Also, this morning we went to a member's house where she taught us to cook Méxican-style rice. She's just to sweetest and I'm so excited to learn because to food here is FANTASTIC!!! 

k. I love you all. Happy this next week and just be the best selves you can be. Be grateful and share your testimony with someone today! Lots of love! 

--Hermana Larsen

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