Sunday, February 21, 2016

Christmas week Eve!

This week was beautiful. Beautiful people, decorations for Christmas. The whole lot. Super fun. We had our ward Christmas party which was the bomb-diggety. The Primary performed 'A Christmas Carol' and one of our recent converts, Chaba (Salvador) was Schrooge! #soproud. It was really sweet. The young Women sang Carols for us and one of our investigators participated! I was asked to direct a choir, so we performed that day too. It was really fun and to finish, we had a potluck! The people here are super good at cooking, so it was delicious. 

Saturday, I got to go the the Visitor's center with a Recent Convert. It was really fun and it's all lit up for Christmas, so that was really special. 

Something I want to share is please, please, please, never think you know Christ enough. There is an aweful lot of joy waiting for us if we will just put pride aside and do a little better to know Christ more. One way of doing so, is trying to be more like Him. When we do so, we can see Him in our countenance more and more, and, as the quote says, others, who do not know Christ, will want to know Christ because they know us. How beautiful a thing and what a wonderful way to give back this Christmas to the one that we owe all to. I love you all very much. Happy Christmas. 

--Hermana Larsen

the ghost of Christmas past

okay, I saw this and died. It's a cute little tree. These people are just the funniest. 

We got to go to the visitor's center. It was super fun. I know you can't really see anything, but just pretend.

I was going to have a picture of me and the picture of the temple but as we were about to take the picture, this sweet little boy rushed over to come and stand next to me. I asked him if he wanted to be in the picture, he told me yes, so, meet this sweet little boy whose name I do not know. After we took the picture, I was putting my camera away and he rushed over to me to see the picture. It was pretty adorable. 
Bus ride home. Kind of hard to see.

Cena Navideno

Christmas day photo 

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