Sunday, February 28, 2016


This week was wonderful. I hope it was for all of you too, because this week was CHRISTMAS!!! And really, what better week is there? Trick question, a better week than the week of Christmas doesn't exist. 
Christmas Eve was wonderful, we wonrked hard during the day and then went to a member's house for dinner in the evening, but both the 24th and the 25th we had to be in our houses by 8, so we were in a bit of a huge rush and made it was like, 5 minutes to spare! Turns out, I probably should never eat shrimp ever again in my life, which is what I had for dinner on Christmas Eve. So, while I was already awake in the wee hours of Christmas morning, I helped Santa a bit so that Hermana Garcia would have a Christmas surprise when she woke up. She LOOOOOOOVES piñatas. Like, a lot. a looooot. Every time something exciting happens, she turns to me and says 'We should buy a piñata to celebrate! I love breaking piñatas!' So guess what Santa brought for her?! Candy! ....inside a piñata!! She loved it. 
I got ready and ate a ton of ginger and then when to the work office of my Bishop to Skype my family! It was wonderful and it was the fastest hour I've ever experienced. But it was wonderful. I loved it a lot. They're kind of the bomb. If you don't know them very well, you should, because we all think we're funny and have a blast. 

Afterwards, we ran to our zone Christmas party. We had a present exchange where the week before, each one of us got to choose (at random) another member of the zone to give  a present to. i chose an Elder who's from Hawaii, so I bought a container of M&M's, some warm socks, and the tail of a pineapple. I already had a CTR ring, so I hid that in one of the individually wrapped packages of M&M's that the container had, put in the socks and the M&M's that would fit too, and then glued the pineapple tail to the top, and wrapped up the container so it just looked like a pineapple. It was super cool. I should have taken a picture, but didn't, sorry. But it was fun because he totally thought that I just got him a pineapple, and I had to tell him to open it and everything. It was a fun surprise. We watched Inside Out, and then broke piñatas. After, Hermana Garcia got to talk with her family and then we shared a message with a member. It was really great. And the other day we got to go to the visitor's center again with a part-member family! It was a great week! And I wish you all the best 2016 ever! 


Hermana Larsen 

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