Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like... Mexico in the winter. ie, no snow. But it's chill. (#punintended)
This was the best week yet of my mission, and maybe my life. It was amazing, and I testify that God is real.
You know how I was FREAKING OUT about the wedding thing? Fabiola, the mom, was able to trade work days so she didn't have to work Friday or Saturday, but that she'd have to work Sunday, after church. I was super sad about the Sunday part, but happy about the fact that she could get married and baptised. So Friday, my companion, me, Mario and Fabiola went on a roadtrip of sorts to a city where a member of the church works for the government to help them get married. It was super fun, and very touching. They really love each other and they are excited to be a bit closer to an eternal marriage and family.
About 30 minutes after we got back, they had their interviews for their baptisms. They all passed! It was wonderful.
Immediately after that, my companion and I went to our zone service project where we sang for families that didn't have a lot and gave them clothing that was donated from the members. The Spirit of Christmas is a beautiful thing. Let's keep it all year round, because it's the love of Christ. I loved this activity and I loved every person I got to meet and work with. What a beautiful night.
SATURDAY!!! We got to the church at 8 to clean, but no one else was there... and then we tried to start just the two of us, but we didn't have the keys to the closet that had the cleaning supplies... so we left, promising ourselves that we would come back later that day. We had appointments, and lunch with members and then ran back to the church, wasn't clean. So we cleaned it. Also, the water for the font was super cold because our ward mission leader thought that there wasn't gas. We later found out that there was gas, so the water was super cold for the bottom half, and the top half was hot. This poor, wonderful family. haha People were showing up and we'd ask them to help us clean, it was nuts. The programs were a little messed up, the Bishop couldn't make it, we were a little frantic. We started late, but, hey, we started, and man. Whew. Peace. It was beautiful. This family has been prepared and I love them. They are ready and they could feel how beautiful and important of a step they were taking. I wouldn't trade this week for the world.
While the family was changing, me and my companion got to share the story of the Restoration of the Gospel. I got to share the First Vision, and I got a little (pretty) emotional. Guys, this church is true. Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I wish I had faith like that, but man am I grateful that he did. This Gospel is about love and eternal, wholesome, beautiful relationships. Love everyone, please. I'm working on this too, but the closer I get, the better I feel like I know Christ, personally. I love Him, He is my Savior. And I am ever so grateful to be a part of His work.
I love you all. Happy December.
--Hermana Larsen

I think I forgot to say, in the end, Fabiola got work off for Sunday too! #miracleshappen

part of my zone...

This is a beso (or a kiss in English) ... awkward. #donttellPresident #thatsprobablyoneoftheworsthashtagsevercreated


 They were holding hands like that almost the whole time. It was the cutest.

They're the cutest

Familia Ramirez!

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