Sunday, February 28, 2016

the church is true.

Hey guys. I hope your weeks were amazing and that you went to the temple... because I got to go to the visitor's center again this week and couldn't go to the temple. It was the saddest thing of my life. But, me and Hermana De Santiago had a great time. =) We bought tamales. 

This week had a lot of beautiful parts to it. Me and my companion LOVE pan de dulce... they're like different types of bread and pastries that are SOOO good and really good for your soul... but maybe not the rest of you. Anyway, we're expecting not to fit into our skirts by the end of the change. 

We had food at an Hermana's house yesterday who forgot. Usually this wouldn't be such a big deal, she'd give us money and we'd go find someplace to eat, but yesterday was Sunday, so she invited us in and gave us a tuna salad with tostadas. But the plates and the glasses she gave us were dirty... so Hermana De Santiago asked her to look for something in the other room, and as fast as we could, we used napkins and hand sanitizer to try and clean our plates. haha also, as the Hermana was serving the tuna from the can, she stuck her finger in it to help get the rest out, but just moments before she was petting her dog... so... yeah. It was pretty funny. We ate everything and it tasted fine, but man. haha We have an appointment to eat with her again tomorrow. Prayers are welcome. ;) 

One lesson that we had this last week was really beautiful. This family was a contact on the street, and at the beginning of the lesson, they told us that they were Catholic, as they were sitting next to a giant Virgin of Guadalupe on the wall (I'm not sure if she's supposed to be the virgin Mary, or if it's a different virgin, but she's really popular in M√©xico). But we taught the lesson, using new things that we'd learned from Preach My Gospel, and the member that was with us shared his testimony of how he and his family were sealed in the temple and of the blessings of this Gospel. At the end of the lesson, we invited them to be baptised, and they said yes!!! It was gorgeous and the Spirit was there and testifying to them of the truthfulness of our message. I loved it. =) Afterwards we celebrated with pan de dulce. 

This week had some really hard moments, where I know Satan had his hand in it, but I'd like to testify that this is Christ's church restored on the earth. I'm also a witness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's real. All of the pain and fear and sorrow and torment that you feel, He felt. Even though He didn't do anything to deserve it, He felt all of the worst pains and heartaches that each of us have experienced. And why? So death won't have it's sting. So there could be second and third chances. So the burden of sin that each of us carry could be lifted up and taken away. And all of this, because He loves us perfectly and intimately. I love my Savior. I'd do anything for Him, because it is through Him that I can do and be anything. Our potential is our decision, but through Him, it can be infinite. I love you all dearly. Remember the sacrifice of our Savior, and His love for you. I testify of Him and His love and glory, in His sacred name, amen. 

Have an amazing week, please. =) 

Les amo,

Hermana Larsen

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