Sunday, February 28, 2016

Valentine's Day

So... Valentine's Day was super fun. We went to a dance for young single adults and it was really great. I learned how to do a whole bunch of new dances and got to know some really great people. After taking off my nametag, it felt weird. But, you know. Gots ta parte.
I super did not do that. #ithinki'mprettyfunny.
Anyway, this week was great! We having cleaning checks this Friday, so Hermana De Santiago and I spent a lot of time today cleaning. We used this new cleaner that's super legit... you have to have to windows open, and you cannot mix it with bleach... or you'll die. It started bubbling in our shower, but it worked great! #notdeadyet
We found this ne investigator who is just the BEST! She already has all of her required church-attendences and she's dating a member who wants to have a marriage that lasts forever. So she's investigating the church with us and, man. She's just really receptive to the spirit. She loves her boyfriend very very much, but wants to make this decision for herself, because the church is true, not just for him. Well, good thing the church is true! She's so awesome and just very sweet and so so sincere. We love her very much.
Sorry, today's going to be short because I'm out of time. But I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and I hope you had a great week! Also, I wish you an even better this week. I love you all! Eat chocolate!
--Hermana Larsen

We made cookies for the ward with a family who is just the sweetest (no pun intended). This is Edrick. 

Me and Sister De Santiago!

This is me, Hermana De Santiago, and Hermana Katia Mendoza. She's a member here in Plazas and she is probably the most helpful member here. She washes our clothes for us every week for free, and she also says hi to my mom and family. 

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