Sunday, February 21, 2016

This beautiful week

Okay. This week was the bomb. The. BOMB! 

I loved it. 

We had some awesome lessons, lots of people who gave us their wrong addresses or were home, but that doesn't matter. On Monday, we had a lesson with a family who we had only met with once before and this time the Dad was there. We talked with them about prophets and then they kept asking us questions which led us to talking with them about the First Vision. My companion recited it by memory and wow. The Spirit really does testify of truth. It was all neat and we could all feel it and they were just hungry for more. I was a little worried at first with the dad being there, because the mom was really interested and the daughters were asking questions, and a dad can really make it or break it for the rest of his family. Fortunately, he was SO interested. Probably the most enthusiastic investigator that we have now. We invited them to come to church, and they accepted. We called them Sunday morning and they said that they were still coming and Sunday me and my companion were sitting in the chapel (after waiting outside as long as we could), waiting for them, and they were not there. We were pretty sad, and then, after the Sacramental services, in they came! The WHOLE family. They stayed for ALL THREE HOURS and they loved it and the Dad just is so enthusiastic about learning more and it was perfect. I love Sundays! Oh! And President Hall came with us to a lesson this week to teach Luz's nephew, Salvador. During the lesson, we invited him to baptism, and he ACCEPTED!!! He came with us to a baptism that Saturday and LOVED it and then he came to church for the first time that Sunday! And stayed for the whole time with his aunt and his sister. And this was another big deal because he has been saying he's going to come to church and then doesn't for months. This Sunday was awesome. Sundays are the BOMB! Needless to say, I love them. 

Saturday we had a service project as a zone where we went to this woman's house who is a hoarder. ... We were asked to paint and to clean. So... I got to clean. Inside her house, LITERALLY up to my waste was garbage. There was hardly any floor, the table was covered. It was REALLY gross. So we would start throwing things away (all of it SHOULD have been thrown away. Mom, you would have died) and she would stop us, reach into the bag, pull out some old food, smell it, and tell us that we shouldn't throw away and of the food. You would pick up a piece of clothing or just a chunk of garbage (this is a relative term) and 1 out of 3 times, you would see cockroaches coming out of it. Sometimes it was so bag that you would pick up an item and they would just come spilling out from under it. Flooding into whatever thing they can hide behind next, and let me tell you, I have never been so disgusted in my life. I was stuck between a feeling of vomit, or crying pretty much the whole time. But it was something that needed to be done, so I just kind of sucked it up. The Elders ended up taking over the inside shift for the last 20 minutes, and during that time, they found three mice. haha The lady whose house it was killed them, and I think might have picked them up. 

Afterwards, she was very thankful and her husband, who is blind, played a song on his recorder for us, to which she accompanied vocally and it was very sweet. But, Mom. This wonderful woman needs you. haha And I think the whole house just needs some gasoline and a match.

This week was awesome, I just expect more amazing ones, our apartment is almost cockroach free thanks to a lot of cleaning from my companion and me. Have a great week, every one! Enjoy General Conferance! Go into it with a prayerful question and you WILL find an answer! I love you all! 

Till next week! 

--Hermana Larsen

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