Monday, March 28, 2016

I forgot!

Sorry! I forgot to write this weekly letter earlier and I now have 5 minutes! Whoops. Here's my week: 

It's semana santa here, which are vacations, so there's like nobody in the street. But we had the most lessons this week that we've had since opening the area, so that was awesome. We're really learning how to work together and with the Spirit. How to listen to people and fit there needs. I'm learning a lot here! 

We went to the Women's Conference, it was wonderful. I really loved it, and I loved the choir. 

We're switching houses this week because the owner of our current house was essentially trying to rob God, so now we're switching to a better house, with gas, and water! It's also way closer to everything. We thought that we didn't have anywhere to go yesterday, and we had to move out by the 31st, and now we have a place to stay, and it's perfect. The Lord answers prayers. Pray with faith. Don't doubt the Lord. When we put Him first, He takes care of us because He loves us. This week, use the Atonement in your life. Find something that you need to repend of this week, and repent. I promise and testify that you will feel better and you will be closer to God. 

Have an amazing week! 

--Hermana Larsen

p.s. and now, a picture of my Uncle Cory from his modeling days: 

​I've been meaning to take this picture for about two months now, but I always forget my camera. It's like seeing Uncle Cory every week. haha 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

A morning with Elder Cook.

So... this week had the best highlight of all the highlights which was that we had a conference with Elder Cook!!!! Like, the APOSTLE, Elder Cook! Like, one of the very few SPECIAL WITNESSES OF OUR SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST HERE ON THE EARTH. Man, it was really special. I'm going to remember it forever, and part of that is because the Spirit was testifying so strongly. What. a. day. It really was beautiful. Because our area is the furthest from President's Stake Center, and where we were going, we had to wake up super early to get over there. I woke up at 3:30, we'd "showered" the day before (we hadn't had water for like, 2 or 3 days. So we had to do a baby-wipe shower, and then wash our hair in the purified water that we have to buy seperately. It was SUUUPER expensive to do that... used about half of our 20 liter container... but our hair was greasy, and Elder Cook is an Apostle. We'll just buy more water later. It's fine.). We woke up suuuper early, and got ready, and headed over to the Stake Center in our area to meet up with our zone and head over to the Conference. We had the be there at 5, or we were told they'd leave without us, so we took a taxi to be on time, got there, and... nobody was there. And SOOOMEBODY (it was me. My poor companion had to endure a trial of patience, bless her heart) forgot the cell phone in a church building the day before... so we didn't have a phone, and it was dark... and alone. Our taxi driver was worried about us, so he stayed to see us off okay, and he let us use his phone to call the Elders. We only had the number of one of the two... so we called and called until he answered and said they were on there way. Pretty soon, everyone started showing up and everything turned out okay. But just a little moment of panic there, that's all. We headed over to the Stake Center in President's ward, had breakfast, and then waited until Elder Cook came! He took a picture with us, and then each of us got to shake his hand, his wife's hand, President Valensuela's hand, his wife's hand, and another 70's hand, and it was all just wonderful. We then had a special conference with ONLY OUR MISSION with ELDER COOK. It was amazing. I forgot to bring my notes, so I'll try to remember them for next time, but, really. It was incredible. I testify that without a doubt, Elder Cook is an Apostle of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He spoke with such authority, and the Spirit was testifying to my heart and mind so stronly of his legitimacy as an Apostle of the Lord, that I cannot deny, even more a minute, the truthfullness of this church, and the holiness of his calling. I loved every minute. He answered questions I've had for a while, perfectly, and I don't think my Spirit's ever been happier. This church is true. I am a set-apart, by proper authority, as a representative of Christ's true and only church here on the earth today, and I am so blessed to have so sacred and marvelous a calling. God lives. Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of all minkind, of each one of us, and there is always hope for those who desire to come unto Him. He loves us dearly, He knows us well, and I love Him, and am ever grateful and humbled to be loved by Him. I testify of these things in His name, even Jesus Christ, amen. 

I invite all of you to check out the new video the chruch has released for Easter. It isn't very long, but it speaks truth, and it invites the Spirit. Also, I invite you all to watch the General Conference that's coming up in April. These are the words from God's true and authorized prophets here on the earth. It really is a commandment for us to follow the words of the Lord's servants, His profets, and I promise you, your life will be better, you will be closer to God, because of it. I love you all. Have a wonderful week. 

La iglesia es verdadera, y les amo,

--Hermana Larsen

Me and Hermana Garcia

Sunday, March 20, 2016

La semana...

Haha I'm sorry. I'm not very creative with the titles. But this week was great! 

We found a new investigator and he's the BOMB! He was a street contact, and we found him in his house the other day. We gave the first part of lesson one, the Restoration, and then gave his a pamphlet as his homeward to read before we returned the next day. We got back the next day and he told us about how much be loved the pamphlet! He said that he wanted us to tell him about what happened to Jospeh Smith because he loved reading that part so much. "It's amazing the we have prophets on the earth today!". Here are a few more quotes from him: "Where can I get this book?" refering to the Book of Mormon "I feel like it can answer a lot of my questions." And then, once he'd read it a bit, "I love the Book of Mormon! It's like the Bible, but easier for me to understand", also, when we asked if we could pass by the next day "OF course. I am at your command. There aren't very many things that bring me joy in this life. There's my family. My wood carvings, and there's this message. And so whenever you're willing to give me your time, I give you mine gladly". HE'S AWESOME!!! Please pray for him! He committed to come to church, but then wasn't there, so please pray to help him to progress in this Gospel! 

This week was great. We had divisions which were really fun. But it's always nice to be back with your companion again. It feels odd to be apart and to teach a lesson with someone else who isn't your companion. 

I love you all! Preach the Gospel! Read the Book of Mormon! Pray about it! It's true! And if you ask with faith, and real intent, GOD WILL ANSWER YOU. 

Have an amazing week! 

--Hermana Larsen

Here are photos of me and my companion with an Elder Lopez. 
He's really awesome and he just got switched zones. 
Aqui estan las fotos. muchas gracias hermanitas y por favor aviasen cuando las tengan.

This week!

Hello everyone! I sure love you all so so much, and I hope you're all having the best of days.

This week was great, and I now have a stronger testimony of the Word of Wisdom, because, here's what happened: 

For the past couple of weeks, my companion and I have been sick. Enough not to work about 4 days. So, we've talked to Doctors, and they were telling us things all over the place, until we talked to a psychiatrist. She told us that it was all because of stress and because of our bad eating habbits... (Mom, I'm sorry. You have never tried pan de dulce... it is magical... and apparently super bad for you). So she told us to eat better and that we should run for at least 45 minutes every day... we started last week and we have already seen a ton of blessings! We wake up happier, have more energy throughout the day, we are more optimistic and more realistic and, most importantly, we have the Spirit with us an awful lot stronger. This week I felt the Spirit working through me stronger than I have my whole mission.I testify of the Word of Wisdom. Not just the parts about things to avoid, but absolutely the parts about what we should seek! Our bodies and our Spirits are connected very closely. When we do not take care of our bodies, we opt out of letting the Spirit work through us. So, take care of you bodies! Seek good foods! Go out and exercise! I testify that you will run and not be weary, walk and not faint and that you will be happier, because you will be living more like God! I testify of these blessings in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, amen. 

Yesterday, we left for a few appointments and to contact people in the street, and we had just received our "Gospel Principles" book. So, to make things a little more interesting for ourselves, and also for the deacon, Benjamín who was accompanying us for the first time, we decided to have someone flip through the pages of the book, and we'd say "stop" when we felt like it. Then, whichever Gospel Principle was on the page was the one that we had to contact with. It was great! We have the tendency to fall into a rut and say the same the almost every time, but not everyone's the same! That doesn't work! So this time, we had variety, but we also had the disclaimer that, we share these principles, unless the Spirit directs otherwise, and it was wonderful! We had a lot more success, our conversations were more meaningful, and we enjoyed the time more! It was really neat, and a great experience! 

I sure love you all! Have the best week of all the weeks! 

¡Buena suerte con todo!

--Hermana Larsen

A membere has a face-swap app on his phone that he wanted us to try out. haha

Me and Hermana Moreno, and then Hermana Garcia. She really likes fluffy things. 

Also, this is Hermano Hugo "praying intently" in the combi. 

 Here's my old zone. They're pretty cool. =)

This is for my siblings. =)

That's pan de dulce... in the form of a turtle. They are the cutest and also delicious. 

So... I had lice a few weeks back. The second is a picture from the night that my sweet companion had to put this anti-lice gell in my hair, and then, the following week, had to help me comb the dead bugs out. 
She sure loves me and I sure am grateful! 

 Here is me, Hermana De Santiago, and a member, Sara. Also, Hermana De Santiago and I had the opportunity to go the temple to buy some stuff we needed there... so that's that other picture. 

 Okay, I guess I should clarify, we went near the temple to buy some stuff that we needed near there.

 Hermanas Gonzalez, Bellarreza, Garcia, and Larsen.

Hermana De Santiago never got a name tag, because she never went throught the MTC, so we made one! 

We made crepes! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pictures from Kenneth Raines, Cedar Hollow Stake President of Mexico City

Sunday, March 6, 2016

6 semanas!

This week was... eventful. I'm not sure if this happened this last week, or the week before, but recently I ate pig feet.... yup. 
Also! Me and my companion got sick this week, we were given the advice to drink a Coke with lime and that it'd make everything better, so we tried it AND IT WORKED! I mean, we still had to see a doctor and all that, but it was magical. Our symptoms didn't come back for like a day after that Coke. It was nuts. #México'sontosomething

We have some awesome investigators who are progressing and interested and we FINALLY have a ward mission leader who's super helping us, so that's awesome. It feels like a weight taken off of our shoulders a bit to have that support aaaand, yeah. It was a great week, with good work, and this next week is just gonna be better. 

Sure love you all! 

--Hermana Larsen

p.s. ALSO! I tried Méxican McDonald´s for the first time today! It was in the morning, so it was the morning menu, and I had hotcakes and they were delicious. Yay! 

Hermana Garcia y yo

Ana Guazo, Hermana Larsen, a sweetheart whose name escapes me.......,and Hermana De Santiago. 

Hermana Santiago