Sunday, March 6, 2016

6 semanas!

This week was... eventful. I'm not sure if this happened this last week, or the week before, but recently I ate pig feet.... yup. 
Also! Me and my companion got sick this week, we were given the advice to drink a Coke with lime and that it'd make everything better, so we tried it AND IT WORKED! I mean, we still had to see a doctor and all that, but it was magical. Our symptoms didn't come back for like a day after that Coke. It was nuts. #México'sontosomething

We have some awesome investigators who are progressing and interested and we FINALLY have a ward mission leader who's super helping us, so that's awesome. It feels like a weight taken off of our shoulders a bit to have that support aaaand, yeah. It was a great week, with good work, and this next week is just gonna be better. 

Sure love you all! 

--Hermana Larsen

p.s. ALSO! I tried Méxican McDonald´s for the first time today! It was in the morning, so it was the morning menu, and I had hotcakes and they were delicious. Yay! 

Hermana Garcia y yo

Ana Guazo, Hermana Larsen, a sweetheart whose name escapes me.......,and Hermana De Santiago. 

Hermana Santiago

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