Sunday, March 20, 2016

La semana...

Haha I'm sorry. I'm not very creative with the titles. But this week was great! 

We found a new investigator and he's the BOMB! He was a street contact, and we found him in his house the other day. We gave the first part of lesson one, the Restoration, and then gave his a pamphlet as his homeward to read before we returned the next day. We got back the next day and he told us about how much be loved the pamphlet! He said that he wanted us to tell him about what happened to Jospeh Smith because he loved reading that part so much. "It's amazing the we have prophets on the earth today!". Here are a few more quotes from him: "Where can I get this book?" refering to the Book of Mormon "I feel like it can answer a lot of my questions." And then, once he'd read it a bit, "I love the Book of Mormon! It's like the Bible, but easier for me to understand", also, when we asked if we could pass by the next day "OF course. I am at your command. There aren't very many things that bring me joy in this life. There's my family. My wood carvings, and there's this message. And so whenever you're willing to give me your time, I give you mine gladly". HE'S AWESOME!!! Please pray for him! He committed to come to church, but then wasn't there, so please pray to help him to progress in this Gospel! 

This week was great. We had divisions which were really fun. But it's always nice to be back with your companion again. It feels odd to be apart and to teach a lesson with someone else who isn't your companion. 

I love you all! Preach the Gospel! Read the Book of Mormon! Pray about it! It's true! And if you ask with faith, and real intent, GOD WILL ANSWER YOU. 

Have an amazing week! 

--Hermana Larsen

Here are photos of me and my companion with an Elder Lopez. 
He's really awesome and he just got switched zones. 
Aqui estan las fotos. muchas gracias hermanitas y por favor aviasen cuando las tengan.

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