Sunday, March 20, 2016

This week!

Hello everyone! I sure love you all so so much, and I hope you're all having the best of days.

This week was great, and I now have a stronger testimony of the Word of Wisdom, because, here's what happened: 

For the past couple of weeks, my companion and I have been sick. Enough not to work about 4 days. So, we've talked to Doctors, and they were telling us things all over the place, until we talked to a psychiatrist. She told us that it was all because of stress and because of our bad eating habbits... (Mom, I'm sorry. You have never tried pan de dulce... it is magical... and apparently super bad for you). So she told us to eat better and that we should run for at least 45 minutes every day... we started last week and we have already seen a ton of blessings! We wake up happier, have more energy throughout the day, we are more optimistic and more realistic and, most importantly, we have the Spirit with us an awful lot stronger. This week I felt the Spirit working through me stronger than I have my whole mission.I testify of the Word of Wisdom. Not just the parts about things to avoid, but absolutely the parts about what we should seek! Our bodies and our Spirits are connected very closely. When we do not take care of our bodies, we opt out of letting the Spirit work through us. So, take care of you bodies! Seek good foods! Go out and exercise! I testify that you will run and not be weary, walk and not faint and that you will be happier, because you will be living more like God! I testify of these blessings in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, amen. 

Yesterday, we left for a few appointments and to contact people in the street, and we had just received our "Gospel Principles" book. So, to make things a little more interesting for ourselves, and also for the deacon, Benjamín who was accompanying us for the first time, we decided to have someone flip through the pages of the book, and we'd say "stop" when we felt like it. Then, whichever Gospel Principle was on the page was the one that we had to contact with. It was great! We have the tendency to fall into a rut and say the same the almost every time, but not everyone's the same! That doesn't work! So this time, we had variety, but we also had the disclaimer that, we share these principles, unless the Spirit directs otherwise, and it was wonderful! We had a lot more success, our conversations were more meaningful, and we enjoyed the time more! It was really neat, and a great experience! 

I sure love you all! Have the best week of all the weeks! 

¡Buena suerte con todo!

--Hermana Larsen

A membere has a face-swap app on his phone that he wanted us to try out. haha

Me and Hermana Moreno, and then Hermana Garcia. She really likes fluffy things. 

Also, this is Hermano Hugo "praying intently" in the combi. 

 Here's my old zone. They're pretty cool. =)

This is for my siblings. =)

That's pan de dulce... in the form of a turtle. They are the cutest and also delicious. 

So... I had lice a few weeks back. The second is a picture from the night that my sweet companion had to put this anti-lice gell in my hair, and then, the following week, had to help me comb the dead bugs out. 
She sure loves me and I sure am grateful! 

 Here is me, Hermana De Santiago, and a member, Sara. Also, Hermana De Santiago and I had the opportunity to go the temple to buy some stuff we needed there... so that's that other picture. 

 Okay, I guess I should clarify, we went near the temple to buy some stuff that we needed near there.

 Hermanas Gonzalez, Bellarreza, Garcia, and Larsen.

Hermana De Santiago never got a name tag, because she never went throught the MTC, so we made one! 

We made crepes! 

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