Sunday, April 10, 2016



O, ¡por fin! The Conference came! I've been waiting 6 months for the Conference, and it was finally here. What a wonderful Conference, what wonderful music, it truly was a Celestial experience that I loved very much. 

This week was great (and mostly because of the title of this email). We moved houses. Mostly because the owner of our other house was trying to rob the church which is NOT cool. So we switched, and now we live on the first floor of the house of a sweet older member. I promise, we offered her the first floor, and that we'd take the second, but she told us that the second floor's her preference. But, yeah. It was a little crazy. A few members said that they'd help us move our stuff at 4:30. We were ready, with all our stuff packed up in time and waited... and waited, ...and waited. They weren't able to make it till dark, when it was time for us to be in our house. So they took what they could, and we slept on the floor on blankets. It was really fun, and we cleaned the house about 3 times over as we were waiting. haha the next day, another kind member came with his car to help us with the rest, and we get to the house, ready to just move in and organize or stuff, and find it FILTHY. I'd like to say that it is not the fault of the sweet Hermana, but of those who were renting before us. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, I found a cockroach that's about as big as your thumb, but now it's all clean, there's light, and the Spirit is very much there, and we love this new house. =) 

This week, Hermana De Santiago and I were trying to think of creative ways to get people to come to the Conference, and we thought of making invitations, to give to people with their name on the envelope and everything to help them feel special and to help them remember the times, and to find the church. We ended up passing out 46 in one day, aaaaaaaand, one investigator came to the Conference. =( It was pretty super disappointing. But hey, now we know that invitations DO NOT work. 

I loved the Conference very much. My favorite talk was that from Elder Holland. He spoke my truths that I believe my soul needed to hear. It was beautiful. I loved the Spirit that was there through the Conference. I hope you all watched it. If you haven't, you can still repent and watch it online and be Spiritually edified. I PROMISE you, that if you watch the Conference with a question in your heart, with the Spirit of Prayer, that you will find an answer from on high. It happened to me with the three questions that I brought to the Conference. You are not the exception to this promise because God loves you more that you know, or can ever know in this life, and because He is working towards your eternal success, why? Because it is His work and His glory to do so. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I love you all. =) Please watch the Conference. Please strengthen your relationship with our Father in Heaven. He has done so much for you, and wants to do more. 

Have a great week,

Hermana Larsen

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