Monday, May 30, 2016


Yup, the first package had everything. It was wonderful, and I loved it, thank you. =) #ivealreadyeatenthemints

And concerning the recommend-holders, there was an elderly sister who we ate with on Tuesday, and we asked her if she was going to accompany the ward in their temple trip that Friday. She told us no, because she couldn't find her recommend. She began to get teary-eyed and tell us that she hasn't been to the temple in so long, and that she's never lost her recommend before and that she just felt so sad because she missed going to the temple so much. So I told her to hold on a sec, and made a few calls to a Bishopric member and then a Stake Secretary, and they were able to help make it possible that she could have both of her interviews for a new recommend that day. She was so so happy, and Friday, Hna. Andrade and I were at the church and the sister pulled up in her car, and asked where everyone was, but we hadn't seen anybody, but it turns out that she had heard the time wrong and came late! But Saturday we already had plans to go to the Visitor's Center next to the temple, so we arranged that we could all go together and she got to go to the temple! She was so so happy, and I gave her one of the recommend-holders so that she won't lose it again.

The Ensign and the articles sound fine, as long as they're from the church, I believe it's fine. I'll be sure to double-check though. 

g2g, love you. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Today I am writing (with permission) because yesterday Hna. Andrade had 2 wisdom teeth removed and it took up all of our p-day because the dentist lives far away. But we have thirty minutes today, so I have to be really quick, sorry.


Hermana Larsen

Monday, May 16, 2016


I feel like emails are so much better with pictures, because they say things better than I can. So, here're a few:

​Mónica González Vásquez was baptised this last week by Erick Miranda Sosa. It was a wonderful service, even her husband and her daughter who--for now--aren't interested came to support her. and her husband came to church the next day for her confirmation.

​Me and Hna. Andrade today before our zone activity. That's right, WE HAD ANOTHER ZONE ACTIVITY!!! 

In then mission, I am currently learning to give my ALL in every way! Whenever there's a "song of the world", I immediate start humming a hymn, Instead of thinking about what I'm going to eat at night, or how excited I am for another event, I think about "What does (name of investigator here) need from me? What can I do better to help them?" and I love it. I'm happier, I enjoy my mission more because I can feel the confidence that comes from giving God more of me. I'm still working on it, but it's something that's already bringing forth fruit. 

I sure love you all, and hope that this week you'll make decisions that help you develop Christ-like attributes. Just seeing what life brings and develops in us isn't enough, we need to plan our lives and see who we want to be when all is said and done, and then make the plans necessary to accomplish it. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and His plan is for us to continue growing and improving  forever!

Happy week! 

--Hermana Larsen

Monday, May 9, 2016

Dear Mother all flowers remind me of you. =)

This last week was MOTHER'S DAY!!! And I loved it! It was great seeing my family and my Grandma and Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim! What a treat. =) 

This last week... let's see, well, yesterday was AWESOME. We had an appointment right after church, that was from one of our contacts. We headed over, and when they answered the door, honestly, neither me or Hna. Andrade remembered contacting them. But they were sweet, they invited us in, (a mom, Guadalupe, and her son who's about 28). First the Mom greeted us, and then when we were going to start the lesson, she shouted out to her son, "Son! Get in here! It's the Mormons!" And he came. And, they were super receptive to the Spirit. It was so great! We invited them to read a pamphlet, they said yes, of course. We invited them to church, they said yes. We invited them to baptism, they said yes. We put a date, they said yes. !!! We're praying that all of these commitments will really be completed, but, man. It was really a sweet blessing to be trusted with such a receptive family. 

This last week I started a new spiritual journal (my small plates) and I've dedicated a section to writing the faith-building experiences that I've had, so as to better doubt my doubts and to better recognize the Spirit when He's talking to me. It's been great so far, and it's something that I'd really encourage for everyone to do. Oftentimes we forget the beautiful answers that we've received and the tender mercies He has given us, so when the going gets tough, we forget, because of neglect or just the human memory in general. It is so important that we keep a journal, where we can go back and see things as they really are and open up an opportunity for the Spirit to come back and confirm answers for us again. 

I love you all dearly. The food here is awesome. The church is true. Write in your journals. And I wish the best week of all the weeks for you all. =) 

Until next week! 

--Hermana Larsen

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's day!!

We had a great 40 minutes with Shayna and we got to meet Hermana Andrade. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This week was pretty awesome. I don't have a lot of time to explain, but the pictures essencially say the highlights. 

Martha was baptized this last week! She's so strong and this week her family has started coming to us with questions to get to know the church better, which they NEVER did before. And Martha's oldest son who has been against it from the beginning even came to her baptism to show his support for his mom. =) It was really beautiful.

Saturday night the Visitor's Center by the temple had a Folk-dance show from a high school from the church here in México. We got to bring investigators and then take a tour of the Visitor's Center. It's was really beautiful and I loved it. 

We saw a flying cockroach and I hated every second. 

Today, we were heading over to WalMart to do our shopping, and some members from a different stake, who really we do not know, greeted us in the street, and told us that they were leaving a viewing of a sister from their ward. It was on our way, so we stopped by to pay our respects to the family. There were some very dear words said, we got to talk with the girl who passed away's mom for a little bit, share a scripture with her, and then we headed on our way. 

This week on the 5th, (el cinco de Mayo!!!) I hit my 9-months marks. It's CRAZY. It's going super fast and I cannot believe it. I love you all and I thank you all for your support and for your prayers! Please remember of the love that the Lord has for you and for all the rest of us too. Please look up D&C 101:16, and in the place of the word "Zion" put whatever is most troubling you right now. I testify that this scripture is true, and that this church is true. 

I love you all. Have a great week. =) 

--Hermana Larsen

This is the Piña family. We didn't have hardly any time to eat this Saturday because of the baptism, and so we asked them if they could bring the food to the church for us. We were thinking, like, to-go, but they showed up with their nicest dishes and a tablecloth and everything. haha. And it was delicious. Sweet family. 

This is Martha. =) She's the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and she's a sweetheart.

Me, Martha, Aram González Servin, and Hermana Andrade. Aram is going to leave on a mission soon, and this was his first time performing a baptismal ordinance. It was beautiful and he did great. =) He'd fasted to prepare and everything. 

Martha and her member-boyfriend, Eduardo. 

Visitor's Center! With Hna. Andrade, Monica's husband, Monica, and yo.

Us and the temple. I accidently cut Monica's husband out of the photo. 

Yes. I did die. This little sucker was found in our house. After losing conciousness for a minute, I took this photo, and then had Hna. Andrade sweep it out the house. As she was doing so, it flipped over and began to scurry away. I screamed, cried a little, and with my arms flailing, left the room. Eventually we got it out, and Hna. Andrade said that she killed it, but when we got back home that evening, the carcass wasn't where we'd left it. So that's fun. #neveralone.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

la obra misional