Monday, May 16, 2016


I feel like emails are so much better with pictures, because they say things better than I can. So, here're a few:

​Mónica González Vásquez was baptised this last week by Erick Miranda Sosa. It was a wonderful service, even her husband and her daughter who--for now--aren't interested came to support her. and her husband came to church the next day for her confirmation.

​Me and Hna. Andrade today before our zone activity. That's right, WE HAD ANOTHER ZONE ACTIVITY!!! 

In then mission, I am currently learning to give my ALL in every way! Whenever there's a "song of the world", I immediate start humming a hymn, Instead of thinking about what I'm going to eat at night, or how excited I am for another event, I think about "What does (name of investigator here) need from me? What can I do better to help them?" and I love it. I'm happier, I enjoy my mission more because I can feel the confidence that comes from giving God more of me. I'm still working on it, but it's something that's already bringing forth fruit. 

I sure love you all, and hope that this week you'll make decisions that help you develop Christ-like attributes. Just seeing what life brings and develops in us isn't enough, we need to plan our lives and see who we want to be when all is said and done, and then make the plans necessary to accomplish it. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and His plan is for us to continue growing and improving  forever!

Happy week! 

--Hermana Larsen

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