Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This week was pretty awesome. I don't have a lot of time to explain, but the pictures essencially say the highlights. 

Martha was baptized this last week! She's so strong and this week her family has started coming to us with questions to get to know the church better, which they NEVER did before. And Martha's oldest son who has been against it from the beginning even came to her baptism to show his support for his mom. =) It was really beautiful.

Saturday night the Visitor's Center by the temple had a Folk-dance show from a high school from the church here in México. We got to bring investigators and then take a tour of the Visitor's Center. It's was really beautiful and I loved it. 

We saw a flying cockroach and I hated every second. 

Today, we were heading over to WalMart to do our shopping, and some members from a different stake, who really we do not know, greeted us in the street, and told us that they were leaving a viewing of a sister from their ward. It was on our way, so we stopped by to pay our respects to the family. There were some very dear words said, we got to talk with the girl who passed away's mom for a little bit, share a scripture with her, and then we headed on our way. 

This week on the 5th, (el cinco de Mayo!!!) I hit my 9-months marks. It's CRAZY. It's going super fast and I cannot believe it. I love you all and I thank you all for your support and for your prayers! Please remember of the love that the Lord has for you and for all the rest of us too. Please look up D&C 101:16, and in the place of the word "Zion" put whatever is most troubling you right now. I testify that this scripture is true, and that this church is true. 

I love you all. Have a great week. =) 

--Hermana Larsen

This is the Piña family. We didn't have hardly any time to eat this Saturday because of the baptism, and so we asked them if they could bring the food to the church for us. We were thinking, like, to-go, but they showed up with their nicest dishes and a tablecloth and everything. haha. And it was delicious. Sweet family. 

This is Martha. =) She's the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and she's a sweetheart.

Me, Martha, Aram González Servin, and Hermana Andrade. Aram is going to leave on a mission soon, and this was his first time performing a baptismal ordinance. It was beautiful and he did great. =) He'd fasted to prepare and everything. 

Martha and her member-boyfriend, Eduardo. 

Visitor's Center! With Hna. Andrade, Monica's husband, Monica, and yo.

Us and the temple. I accidently cut Monica's husband out of the photo. 

Yes. I did die. This little sucker was found in our house. After losing conciousness for a minute, I took this photo, and then had Hna. Andrade sweep it out the house. As she was doing so, it flipped over and began to scurry away. I screamed, cried a little, and with my arms flailing, left the room. Eventually we got it out, and Hna. Andrade said that she killed it, but when we got back home that evening, the carcass wasn't where we'd left it. So that's fun. #neveralone.

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