Monday, May 30, 2016


Yup, the first package had everything. It was wonderful, and I loved it, thank you. =) #ivealreadyeatenthemints

And concerning the recommend-holders, there was an elderly sister who we ate with on Tuesday, and we asked her if she was going to accompany the ward in their temple trip that Friday. She told us no, because she couldn't find her recommend. She began to get teary-eyed and tell us that she hasn't been to the temple in so long, and that she's never lost her recommend before and that she just felt so sad because she missed going to the temple so much. So I told her to hold on a sec, and made a few calls to a Bishopric member and then a Stake Secretary, and they were able to help make it possible that she could have both of her interviews for a new recommend that day. She was so so happy, and Friday, Hna. Andrade and I were at the church and the sister pulled up in her car, and asked where everyone was, but we hadn't seen anybody, but it turns out that she had heard the time wrong and came late! But Saturday we already had plans to go to the Visitor's Center next to the temple, so we arranged that we could all go together and she got to go to the temple! She was so so happy, and I gave her one of the recommend-holders so that she won't lose it again.

The Ensign and the articles sound fine, as long as they're from the church, I believe it's fine. I'll be sure to double-check though. 

g2g, love you. 

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