Monday, May 9, 2016

Dear Mother all flowers remind me of you. =)

This last week was MOTHER'S DAY!!! And I loved it! It was great seeing my family and my Grandma and Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim! What a treat. =) 

This last week... let's see, well, yesterday was AWESOME. We had an appointment right after church, that was from one of our contacts. We headed over, and when they answered the door, honestly, neither me or Hna. Andrade remembered contacting them. But they were sweet, they invited us in, (a mom, Guadalupe, and her son who's about 28). First the Mom greeted us, and then when we were going to start the lesson, she shouted out to her son, "Son! Get in here! It's the Mormons!" And he came. And, they were super receptive to the Spirit. It was so great! We invited them to read a pamphlet, they said yes, of course. We invited them to church, they said yes. We invited them to baptism, they said yes. We put a date, they said yes. !!! We're praying that all of these commitments will really be completed, but, man. It was really a sweet blessing to be trusted with such a receptive family. 

This last week I started a new spiritual journal (my small plates) and I've dedicated a section to writing the faith-building experiences that I've had, so as to better doubt my doubts and to better recognize the Spirit when He's talking to me. It's been great so far, and it's something that I'd really encourage for everyone to do. Oftentimes we forget the beautiful answers that we've received and the tender mercies He has given us, so when the going gets tough, we forget, because of neglect or just the human memory in general. It is so important that we keep a journal, where we can go back and see things as they really are and open up an opportunity for the Spirit to come back and confirm answers for us again. 

I love you all dearly. The food here is awesome. The church is true. Write in your journals. And I wish the best week of all the weeks for you all. =) 

Until next week! 

--Hermana Larsen

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