Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 11, 2016
El Show de Talentos!

left to right: Hna. Andrade, Sergio, Ofelia Moreno, Amaris Moreno, Yair, Diana, and me. =) 

After the baptism, we RAN/flew to the stake center to get ready for the show. When we arrived, the wards were already there setting up. We helped out, and since we already had a slot reserved for the missionaries, we decided to share it with the zone, so we all huddled up to really quick plan out what we were going to do! At 5:30 the show started. And. it. was. AWESOME!!! really, I LOVED it SO much! The members really put their hearts into preparing these numbers,and we enjoyed them thoroughly. Even some investigators from the zone participated! The members brought their families and their friends, less-active members, everything. It was beautiful. =) 

Saturday night we received a phone call from the zone leaders letting us know that we were going to have changes. Hna. Andrade got to stay in Plazas, and after 6 months there, I got changed to another area, Los Reyes, in Tlanepantla, with Hna. Gomez and as a Sister Training Leader. Sunday we said goodbye to all the members, which was pretty hard. I've grown to love them very very much. But I feel content, that I've left the ward better off than when I found it, and I'm excited to get to know Los Reyes. 

I love you all very much and I want to share my testimony of the importance of the members and the missionaries working together in the work of salvation. That activity could not have been a success if it were for members who were willing to take it our of our hands, and raise it up to be something better than we could have done alone. It was wonderful, and I invite all of you to find a way that you can help move along the work of salvation. Sure love you and I wish you all a wonderful week. 

Atentamente: Hermana Larsen

p.s. oh, I forgot to mention, I ate fish heads this week. So that was awesome in a terrible way. The sweet sister brought out our plate of 2 patties in a red sauce, accompanied with vegetables. I took a bite, noticing that it was REAAALLY salty, and that it was fish, when I thought it was chicken... I cut into the patties to find about 6 fish heads fall off of their bodies, with their eyes staring up at me. I almost died. haha I nudged Hna. Andrade, whispering, "hermana! Hermana! Look!" she didn't notice until a little bit later and just laughed and laughed, thinking that it was the funniest thing. I ate all of it. It was pretty awful to be honest, but I did my best not to show my discomfort, and we asked the sister if we could bring some with us to take pictures later. Ew. 

 but don't worry, they're high in protein. 

Our ward made these for everyone who came to the talent show to pin onto their shirt. It was very sweet and also very delicious. 

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