Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016

Hola everyone! This week went well. We're learning and growing and loving it. =) 

This change, I'm the Sister Training Leader for 3 companionships, and with each of the girls, we're going on divisions, so 6 days on divisions, and then we have 2 with our sister training leaders, so at the end of these 42 days of the change, 8 of those days will have been on divisions. It's gonna be awesome. We did one this last week with some sisters who are just ROCKSTARS! They work so hard and help me to do so as well! I sure love learning from them! 

This week we had a leadership council, that went well. I forgot to bring my journal here to the internet, so I can't remember a lot of what I learned, but one thing that stuck was that we, as leaders, should lead, correct, and guide though true knowledge and love for these people. That's one of the ways that the Savior taught. We talked about how leading by obligating can bring a lot of results, but it's not the way of the Lord, which should be our goal. So, our goal as leaders should be to help these people to choose the right by their own agency and choice and desire. D&C 58: 28-29. The council we had helped me a lot, I sure enjoyed it. 

Hna. Soto and I are preparing a number for the Talent Show we're having this week, and I have to sing a high F, which is at the end of my range, so we're working on that right now. haha wish me luck! 

I love the fact that this Gospel isn't meant to be lived alone! This life isn't meant to be endured or enjoyed alone either. That's why we have families! That's why we have the church! That's why we seek out the best friends! I am so blessed on my mission from great friends and companions and a great family! They help lift me and bless me so much! How great is our Heavenly Father in helping us to know that we are never alone! I hope that each of you will accept the help that others offer, and strive to be the kind of person who lifts other up instead of tearing them down, and to surround yourself with those kinds of people as well. 

I sure love you all, and I testify that thanks to this wonderful plan, and thanks to Christ's sacrifice, we are NEVER alone! In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen! 

Enjoy your week, y'all! 

--Hna. Larsen 

From the leadership conference. That's Hna. Gamero & Hna. Sanchez. 

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