Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everybody! This week was pretty fun. We're preparing a sweet 10 year-old girl for her baptism for this coming week, and we're hard at work en la obra del SeƱor! (In the Lord's work)We also had our Multi-Zone meeting, where I got to participate in the choir. It went really well! We all loved it. We had different stations where we learned about being spiritually clean, physically clean, and also about the importance of a clean environment. I know that all three of those things are so so important! The Spirit is very sensitive, and we shouldn't expect Him to lower His perfect standards so that we can have His constant companionship, we must rize to the challenge! Spiritually, physically, and including in the environments that we enter and create. It was a wonderful Conference. We had a competition to see who could find different phrases from the White Bible the fastest, and I NEVER win those kinds of competitions, but I won three this time! Yaaay! Also, one of our investigators came to church for the first time this week!! We had a great week. Sure love this work! And you guys too!

--Hna. Larsen

So, Hna. Soto and I dressed up as each other for Halloween today. We asked a very sweet member to take a picture for us, and she accidently took a video. haha So, here's a video of our Halloween costumes! 

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