Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016
Cambios para la navidad
Changes for Christmas

Hello Framily! We had changes today! Nobody expected what was coming! We were all so so sure that I was going to leave, but Saturday night, the phone call came, and the Zone Leaders let us know that Hna. Soto was going to be leaving and that I was going to stay here with Hna. Garcia. So, I have a new companion! Her name's Hna. Garcia, she's from Hidalgo, México, which is like... 2,3  hours from where we're at right now. She seems really nice, and that she has a great spirit. I'm excited for this new change! I'm excited for Christmas! I'm SOOO excited for the movement that the Church is doing to help spread the Christmas message here, and it's just a great time of the year. This week, we're going to have a stake missionary activity called "Trip to Hawaii" and I'll be sure to let you know how that goes! I'm short on time, but I want to share with you my testimony of the Spirit. I know He's real. He really does testify to us, if we let Him. Something interesting that I learned in my scripture studies this week from Alma 32 is that we will have our faith grow, if we let it grow! If we don't toss it out! So let the Spirit work miracles in you! Let Him help your faith grow! If we let Him, and we're working on it, our planted seed of faith in Christ, which is a good seed, will grow. I share this in the name of Jesús Chris, amen.

Sure love you all! I still haven't figured out my new camera, so... when I do, there'll be more pictures!

--Hna. Larsen

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