Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 7, 2016
La Conferencia de Estaca y el Bautismo de Gabi!

This week was NUTS! But SUPER awesome!

On Friday, Gaby had her baptismal interview and we had our English and Piano classes. We told them and the Elder who was going to give the interview to come at 4:30, because the classes start at 5, and we waited and waited... and we were so worried! Her baptism was scheduled for the next day! And you CANNOT baptize someone who hasn't passed an interview! We said some prayers, and started to teach the classes, then, they all came! We had the people in the class do a test so we could sneak out and get them ready for the interview, sent them into the interview, and ran back to the class. Afterwards, we found out that she'd passed! She did great! We were thrilled for her! We finished the classes, and then the next day we went to the church early to clean and fill up the baptismal font. And the baptism went GREAT! Everyone got there a little bit early, all the members who had agreed to participate were there and just took over. It was WONDERFUL! We LOVE that as missionaries! This family is reactivating (the family that Gaby belongs to). And we are sure that one of the reasons they ever fell away was because they only had built up a relationship with the missionaries, so when the missionaries left (as we ALWAYS do and will!) they had no support and it was very hard for them! So a goal we've had is to help them have a good support system here with the ward and we believe that that's what's happened! This sweet ward has just been taking the new investigators under their wings. It's so sweet to watch! That night and on Sunday we had our stake Conference! The whole Saturday Session was dedicated to.... MISSIONARY WORK! President came and spoke and it was AWESOME! We, as missionaries, ALSO love to see that! Missionary-themed meetings! Yay! 

This week, we were ALL out of money, and food, (We thought we were getting paid this week, and not last week, so we never pulled out the money that was already in our account a week ago) and a tender mercy that'd happened was that the stake president had lunches prepared for the missionaries for after the Conference, so we had dinner for that night, and breakfast for the next day. THE LORD WATCHES OUT FOR HIS MISSIONARIES! All missionary-moms can breathe easy! haha 

Sure love you all! Happy week! 

--Hna. Larsen 

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